When you are self-employed, meaning that you have you own business that you run solely or own property that you rent or hire at a fee, you need to know about how to file your taxes. Filling taxes can be very complex at first but with the proper guidance, it will be easy to file the taxes and ensure that you are always updated. The procedure has been easily elaborated step by step and thanks to technology, you can do it at the comfort of your home. Technology has made things easy and faster but it also has it cons as you can be easily hacked and all your important details taken. It is for this reason that it is smart to do things like tax filling at home or using a secure network rather than a public Wi-Fi. With these precaution taken into consideration, here are some of the things you should know about filling your taxes when self-employed:

  • There is a bonus that comes with being self-employed. When you are filling your taxes, it is important to mention that you are self-employed. The rates may be the same when filling but for clarity purposes and a bonus, you need to mention that you are self-employed. The bonus is to motivate small business owners to continue with what they are doing and even maybe expand to ensure that the economy grows all together. The motivation has worked for many as you get to save a lot with clean tax reports.

  • Redeem free coupons. When you are filling your tax as a self-employed entrepreneur, there are free coupons issued that are easy to get and deduct your amount by a considerable amount that you can save. The coupons range from $5 to $15. This is a good amount reduced from your tax burden that goes into savings account. Filling your tax returns early is an assured guarantee of high amount on the coupon.

  • Fill in a service code. A service code is another advantage that one gets when filling taxes and he or she is self-employed. The service code will help reduce the amount and the saved amount goes to savings. The service code is easy to fill as it is a simple procedure. The procedure is in major tax filling website listed here such as mighty taxes and turbo taxes.

  • Get discounts. When you are filling your taxes, as self- employed there are so many discounts in the market that you need to be aware of and actually fill them out. The discounts are available in the tax return website under the self-employed category. You should not ignore the discounts no matter how small they may seem. They are valid and makes a big difference on a large scale.

  • There are penalties on failure of filling your taxes. It is wrong and also unpatriotic not to fill your tax returns especially when you are self-employed. You need to practice good citizenship and file your taxes and in time. Late filling has so many disadvantages such as lack discounts or bonus.


You should be faithful in filling your tax returns and make sure you utilize on the available benefits offered.

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