A vast majority of small businesses feel that they can avoid data backup, but that is a huge mistake. Such companies risk substantial permanent data loss, downtime and ultimately business closure. Even though you might be operating a small/medium sized enterprise, or are self-employed, chances are your data is fundamental and losing it may cause severe disruption to your business.

This makes data backup and recovery solutions extremely important.

A successful business would consider key among others, risk management, and disaster planning. Do you want your business to scale up even when faced with unwanted eventualities like data loss? Alright, then you can't do without a proper data backup. Read below to discover why data backup is an essential component for your business.

1. Technology Hiccups

In the recent past, the world has embraced technology with both hands. This means that many businesses undertake paper-free transactions. Necessary documents and files are stored virtually in computers.

“Oops! The program has failed. The computer has mysteriously failed to work. The power surge has completely blown off the hard disk” these are some issues workers reports on a daily basis.

The truth is that all systems are meant to develop hiccups at some time. Telling your clients that you have lost valuable information is the last thing you will need to do. Nobody will take your serious. They will most likely consider you incompetent and unable to transact business with them. Spare yourself these lousy news by having in place a reliable data backup plan.

2. Human Error

It’s common for bosses to demand perfectness from an employee, only to realize they their employees are all human.
Man is to error.

This means that an employee can make an error leading to massive data loss. A backup and recovery solution plan ensure human error doesn't pose a threat to business continuity.

While an employee can consistently take keen measures to avoid errors, they still can omit procedures or key in wrong passwords leading to data loss. Others can leave their desktops unattended, pour liquids on laptops hence damaging the hard disk.

In case any of the above errors happen, your ultimate savior is the data backup plan already in place.

3. Natural Calamities

All over the world, natural calamities have caused havoc on business data systems. Events such as extreme heat, electric faults, fires, earthquakes and tornados among others are unpredictable risks.

With a data backup in place, you won’t get worried when mothers nature comes roaring. You will not worry about the company’s reputation in the event of data loss; you just need to retrieve your data from your backup. Then your business continues uninterrupted.

4. Preserve Your Reputation

When a business suffers data loss or cyber-attacks, they are likely to be subjected to public scrutiny. Resultantly, they may suffer from brand reputation loss.  The most embarrassing moment is when explaining to your most loyal clients that you’ve just lost all your data; and no alternative fallback. Most likely, that's the last thing any business would want.

In such events, there will be a mix of reactions your business will receive. Some customers will feel annoyed, irritated and never again business as usual. They will probably think that you are devoid of professionalism, an element every client looks for.

5. Downtime Is a Killer Disease

A downtime is certainly an event of loss. Many are times it translates to production stoppages and unavailable services to clients. Without a data backup in place, you’re likely to do all you can to restore services, including starting all over again (rebuilding) from scratch. Quite a loss.

But, rebuilding a business database and applications from scratch may take many days and nights, taking up huge resources. All this time, your clients are so furious and disappointed.

They just feel let down and unable to trust your business any more. Finally, your business is no more. Downtime is no fun; otherwise you need a data backup and recovery solution in place.

6. Employee Theft

Several businesses have suffered the slap of corporate theft. According to Biscom, 85% of employees have revealed that they the company’s documents and information they helped create. On the other hand, quite a number of them admitted to stealing the information they didn't create.

Mostly, these are employees expressing their anger or discontent especially when fired. To make it worse, they prefer taking the information to a serious competitor.

These employees focus majorly on hurting your business at all cost. They even don’t mind deleting any valuable information to make sure you regret your actions. But should your business be affected? Absolutely no. A data backup ensures you survive your employee’s acts.

7. This Is the Future

Technology advancement is not taking a back turn, and your business shouldn’t either. Businesses that don't embrace the future will be left behind, and would soon lose their place in the modern-day industry.

Online cloud backup, for instance, is the most move taken by every business. Thus, an employee can access information anytime anywhere. Further, online cloud backup allows employees to collaborate and work on the same task without compromising the quality of results.

Wrap Up……

A data backup and recovery plan offers businesses peace of mind. This means you, your employees and customers will have a reliable fall back should a disaster strike.

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