Hush, the Indian community workplace discussion app that aims to facilitate candid workplace discussions, has raised a seed round from Accel Partners, Sanjay Nadkarni, who is an ex-Founder of BabyOye, and other angel investors.

The current round of funding will be used to advance Hush’s mobile and web platforms with new and advanced features. With a user base of thousands of employees from more than 50 companies, Hush plans to utilise the seed funds to develop the team, expand to various metro cities in the country, and improve upon existing technology. The focus is also to expand this platform to international markets initially and subsequently over multiple geographies.

Founded in October 2017, by former Yahoo executives - Ashutosh Dabral and Umesh Joshi, Hush is a mobile app that aims to provide a voice to employees. It is an application that provides forums for employees to express their real opinions, pressing concerns, and difficult questions on topics that are important to them. Every user gets access to two forums on the app. The first is a private forum (or a Company Wall) that can be accessed only by members of the firm and their verified coworkers. The second is a public forum where one can seek answers from industry peers. Both forums are completely anonymous.

Hush aims to make the workplace better by allowing employees to share their real opinions through anonymous conversation. As anonymity is a critical factor when facilitating discourse between employees and management, Hush eases communication within any organization. It utilises the community and AI/ML for content moderation and will eventually be a platform on which employees can learn how to better navigate their careers. Challenging the conventional approach towards employee feedback, Hush is an extremely effective and innovative tool to gauge the pulse of employees. It has dedicated communities for each company which can only be accessed by verified employees within that community, ensuring further privacy and safety.

Ashutosh Dabral, Co-Founder of Hush commented, “It is very important for a company to hear their employees’ real and true opinions. With the escalating gap between available job opportunities and scarcity of talent, employee engagement and retention is important for every employer. We are focused on creating a restricted community for each workplace by encouraging employees to voice their opinions on various discussions, starting polls on relevant topics and exchanging views candidly without the fear of retribution (which is the case with traditional forms of feedback).”

“The faith of our investors has added credibility to our model and boosted our confidence; we are creating a great solution for employees and employers alike. We will use this fresh round of funds to build an even stronger tech team and expand our operations to various cities,” added Umesh Joshi, Co-Founder Hush.

Sanjay Nadkarni, ex-Founder, BabyOye and currently Country Manager, Houzz India said, “With a rising gap between available job opportunities and scarcity of talent, employee engagement and retention is important for every employer. Organisations need to accept anonymous employee engagement platforms as a part of their culture. Hush is transforming the way employees communicate and enables fearless diversity of opinions. I’m really excited to be a part of the early growth story of Hush.”

Hush first entered the market to address the growing need for employees to express their pressing concerns and receive answers for their difficult questions on topics that are important to them on a common, community-based platform. Verified employees can join their respective company’s communities and discuss everything from nepotism and work culture to interview tips and career growth. Currently, the platform caters to employees from a variety of backgrounds, including unicorn startups, big tech firms, and numerous IT service companies.

Hush is a differentiator in the market that focuses on making workplaces better for employees by maintaining privacy and anonymity. It is revolutionizing the way that companies preserve their employee retention rates and cultivate their culture while ensuring data security.


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