BetterPlace, India’s leading technology platform for Blue Collar work-force has launched SkillConnect, a digital platform to bridge the gap between demand and supply for blue collars skilled workforce, by addressing the problem in a holistic manner from industry demand aggregation to sourcing, training, certification and placement, based on industry specific future demand.

Anantkumar Hegde, Minister of State for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship unveiled the platform to the top industry leaders. On Day 0, SkillConnect indicated availability of more than 20 lakh jobs for the blue-collar workforce.

Pravin Agarwala, Co-founder & CEO, BetterPlace said, “We are seeing that employers are facing a severe shortage of skilled manpower, especially in the high growth sectors like logistics, facility management, security services, On-demand services, schools, etc. Meanwhile, the training institutes are looking for opportunities to place their trained & certified candidates. SkillConnect would be digital bridge to help connect the 2 sides. We are already seeing a demand for 20 Lakh candidates in the next 12 months based on current hiring trends of our customers. The total demand would be more than 2 Crore in the next 12 months.” The Company aims to on board one-lakh employers over the next 18 months, he adds.

Adding to this, T V Mohandas Pai, Chairman of Manipal Global Education said, “Indian consumers today demand a world class service, and for industry to deliver that kind of service, there is an un-fulfilled need for a highly skilled workforce to meet the customer’s expectations, be more productive and to be real-life ambassadors of the brand”.

SkillConnect will work as a digital bridge to address the gap between demand and supply of blue-collar jobs pan India. Currently, the training institutes are skilling the candidates based on a fixed curriculum and then they start looking for a job matching with their skills. This doesn’t result in high employment as the industry demand is constantly evolving. Thus, the idea of SkillConnect is to make the platform demand driven so that the training institutes already know the job roles available in the market in a quantifiable manner and train the manpower accordingly.

A digital platform to move 20 million skilled rural youth, into India’s formal economy, in a friction-less manner. We have been looking for technology focused solution to address the challenges of getting reliable data that reflects the demand specifics, so that we can enhance placements by aligning our efforts with the demands of the industry. SkillConnect will help us by aggregating demand based on current hiring trends and future projections provide by employers”, said Manish Kumar, CEO, NSDC.

Highlighting the challenges of both demand and supply side, Saurabh Tandon, Co-founder & COO, BetterPlace said, “On the demand-side for blue collars workforce, besides the shortage of skilled candidates, there are sourcing challenges because the supply consists of ~75% migratory population, mainly coming through an un-organized ecosystem. Technology adoption can give dividends in terms of transparency and cost saving”.

Top employers in verticals like facility management, delivery and logistics, QSR, cab hailing, attended the launch event and have thrown their weight behind the initiative.

“As an industry, the facility management space is currently growing at 15% annually, and the attrition rates are very high especially at the front-line level. Our industry will need more than 10 Lakh people in the next 1 year. Getting trained and ready-to-be-deployed-workforce via an aggregation platform like SkillConnect would be a significant catalyst,” said Sandeep Sethi, MD IFM, JLL, a market leader in the Integrated Facility Management space in the country managing more than 450 million SFT facility space.

BetterPlace, started in 2015, by Pravin Agarwala and Saurabh Tandon, has been working tirelessly to accelerate blue-collar workforce movement from unorganized to a formal economy with an aim to provide them with a better quality of life and a clear career progression path. The launch of SkillConnect is the first of many steps in realizing that vision.

About BetterPlace Safety Solutions, it provides a digital platform for managing the lifecycle of blue-collar employees, like On-boarding, Background Verification, Training. Assessment & Certification, Attendance Management, Financial Service like loans & insurance to employees.

They are trusted by 1,000+ customers across Blue Collar heavy Industries like Private Security, Logistics, Facility Management, IT/ITES, On-Demand Services, Retail, Schools and more.

They have our Corporate Office in Bengaluru & our Regional office in Gurugram.

[Top Image - Saurabh Tondon, Co-founder of BetterPlace ©]

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