The mobile presence of small and medium-sized enterprises is already necessary today and will play an even more important role in the future. From mobile websites to native applications to progressive web applications. All this should be considered in a modern business and marketing strategy to successfully win new customers.

But isn't that just something the biggest companies can afford? No!
Progressive tech companies have already set themselves the task of enabling even the smallest companies to communicate with their customers through an app. And that works! specializes in creating progressive web apps for small and medium enterprises in India with a DIY kit. The focus was on the Indian market, as there is very great potential here, which will be further expanded in the coming years.

As a small company, this step towards new technologies already gives you a valuable advantage over your competitors without great financial expenditure, as you can manage your customers with state-of-the-art technology.

Companies that have already upgraded to a progressive web application have achieved the best results. With a progressive web app, Trivago achieved a significantly higher conversion rate than with its native app. The click rate on hotel bookings increased by 97%.

The conversion rate has improved significantly, which is due to the fact that the pwa is much easier to achieve for users.

A native app must first be downloaded from the Appstore and then takes up a large part of the memory. This takes a lot of time in today's always faster getting world and is less and less accepted by users these days.

Steps for native apps

Open the appstore → find app → install → download and maintain → approve → use app
this is a long way to go - it’s too long for your users

Step for progressive web applications

require only one click, just open the URL, which you can then use immediately.
That “20% of users are lost with every step on the way to the download” gives you an impression of how outdated the technology of the native app is compared to the progressive web app.

Directly after opening the progressive web app the user reaches the complete unfiltered content of your app. After a short time a banner appears asking the user if he wants to accept push messages from the app.

A moment later, a second banner appears, with confirmation of which the pwa is added to the home screen with a click.
The progressive web app can now be seen on the smartphone's home screen and looks exactly like a conventional native app from the appstore thanks to the icon. Even if the pwa is opened, it looks and feels like a native app.

Nevertheless, it is a PWA that is always up to date and can also be used offline due to its storage in cache.

Companies that already recognize this trend can communicate easily and quickly with their customers, send them push messages and inform them about current company news.

The app takes over the booking of appointments for previously necessary telephone calls.
The progressive web app can be managed on the go and created and modified according to your own wishes. What normally costs tens of thousands of dollars is now possible for every small company, so small business owners can now book a package for only 1 dollar and publish their own first app.

The DIY pwa builder opens up a whole new target group for the app industry. This means that small and medium-sized enterprises can also take advantage of their own app. Progressive web applications are much faster than their predecessors, the native applications, because the amount of stored data is much smaller.

Choosing an advanced web application right from the start and taking advantage of the cost benefits Advantages over a native app are worth it.

This software has been designed for you to communicate optimally with your users and customers.
App users can quickly and easily find out everything about your company and will get the best possible user experience.

With your own Progressive web app you have the possibility to offer your customers great discount promotions through stamp cards and campaigns as well.

Take the chance to be a big step ahead of your competitors by using a progressive web app - this is the future of websites.

→ The shop module

Use the shop function of the app and create your first own online shop where you can sell your company's products online to save more time and money. Your customers can order directly in the app with paypal.

Your visitors benefit from a fast app that doesn't take more than 3 seconds to load, they get the best possible user experience as the app adapts to any device and looks perfect. This is what mobile websites and apps will look like in the future, and you can already have this now.

If you want to use this technology today, you can create and test your own app for free in a few minutes. Look here on

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