You won't be surprised if you get to know that the chief of Indian telecom watchdog TRAI - R.S. Sharma, who is one of the biggest supporter of Aadhaar, has not linked his any of the bank accounts with the Aadhaar Number - 7621-7768-2740 and mobile number of his secretary is 9958587977 (open to pesky telemarketers !), and his WhatsApp profile picture is this.

Now if by any chance you are wandering how these details have gone public then the reason is Mr.Sharma himself, who earlier today threw a challenge on twitter, asking twitterati if they can harm his Aadhaar data. Ironically, within few hours people spilled the beans and made his personal data public over Twitter.

Popular french security expert, who goes by the nickname Elliot Alderson and had earlier too revealed the security loopholes in Aadhaar system, caused ripples on the social media when in a series of tweets he leaked "personal address, DoB, alternate phone number" and explaining to Mr Sharma, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) chairman, how risky it was to make the Aadhaar number public.

One of the screenshots in Elliot's tweet even carried Mr.Sharma's PAN details. But that was hidden/blackened.

Earlier, the security researcher also busted the security flaws in 'Kimbho', a messaging app launched by Yoga guru Ramdev's Patanjali, in May this year.

In March, Eliiot alleged and somewhat busted the fact that the official mobile app of Indian PM Narendra Modi is sending personal information of its users to a third party website.

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