Palo Alto-based artificial intelligence startup Frontdesk AI, which was founded by Indian-orgin entrepreneurs Srivatsan Laxman and Supriya Rao -- both alumni of Indian Institute of Science (IIS), Bangalore, has raised $1.1 million funding from Speciale Invest and a group of angel investors from the Bay Area.

Founded in 2016, FrontDeskAI has its core technology team and customer success team based in Bangalore with about 15 members.

Frontdesk AI offers an automated, full-service backup receptionist solution via messaging and voice. The startup has launched its services in the beauty and wellness industry and is looking to expand into the dental market, the company said in a statement to a business daily.

"Our core technology breakthrough is a powerful new AI framework for learning deep contextual natural language models over constantly evolving (and growing) conversational spaces," Srivatsan, co-founder and CEO at Frontdesk AI, said.

Laxman added that the company's platform has handled over 60,000 calls so far, converting nearly a third of those into revenue-generating transactions worth well over a million dollars in revenue for customers.

Notably, Srivatsan Laxman is a Ph.D while Supriya is M.Sc from from IIS-Bangalore. Both, Laxman and Supriya did their bachelor of engineering from University of Mysore, in same year.

Laaxman joined Microsoft Research India in April 2006, where he was a researcher in the machine learning & optimization group. In May 2013, he left Microsoft Research and co-founded Scibler Technologies, an AI-powered one-touch scheduling for people on-the-go, which according to Laxman's LinkedIn profile, he quit in August last year. Frontdesk AI's other co-founder Supriya is also CTO at Scibler, according to her Linkedin profile.

Speaking about Speciale Invest, it is a $15 million seed stage fund managed by Vishesh Rajaram (Managing Partner) and Arjun Rao (Partner).

Via - Business Standard

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