In this article, we will explain about to create a landing page using the Gatsby.js framework. Gatsby.js helps to describe the pages and it helps to functionality and appearance with the React.js and takes full advantages of React's ecosystem. If you use bootstrap CSS will help to create fast prototypes for various components we need for our page. Before starting you should require basic knowledge about React.js framework and course about HTML/CSS. To start with this you need to installed Node.js and NPM system on your computer or laptop.

Gatsby makes it easy to create a programmatically control on your pages.

Generally, the page can be created in three different ways:

  1. In your sites use gatsby-node.js by implementing the API

  2. Gatsby core automatically turns to react components in src/pages into the pages.

  3. Plugin can also be used to create a page for you.

You can also implement the API on Create Page to modify your page that was created in core plugins or to create client-only routes.

Modifying pages created by core or plugins:

You can modify any pages which were created by core or plugin and can automatically create a page by using Gatsby core and plugin. Sometimes the default isn't quite enough that you want so you need to modify as per your needs to create a page object.

How to learn about React?

Learn about the React drive deeper into it. First, learn the theory and complete the full assignment on time without missing any single one, then start practicing in demo projects and build your own application which improved throughout the course. JavaScript is one of the major/biggest drivers of a modern web application without it is impossible to create a top-rated application. It is the only programming language system which runs in the browser and hence allows to create a higher reactive application in a simple way. But while using JavaScript will be challenging because it quickly becomes overwhelming to create a nice web app with JavaScript and as well jQuery only.

React is all about the components- You can build an amazingly powerful application just by using HTML elements, with which you can make web apps. Just do first one thing that builds a component once, then configure it to your needs, dynamically pass data into it, and change or re-use it as often as needed.

What inside the course?

  • React is about (Base features, syntax and concepts)

  • How to output lists and conditional content

  • How to styling React components

  • Redux from the basic to advance

  • Authentication

  • An introduction to unit testing

  • An introduction to Next.js

  • React app deployment instruction

React 16 Training Available into free courses as well in paid courses also.

Free Courses:

  • Codecademy: React 101- Which is Codecademy’s introductory course for React.

  • io: Start Learning React- This series will explore the basic fundamentals of React to get you started.

  • React Armory: Learn to react by itself- With the help of React Armory, you can learn to react without the buzzwords.

  • The Road to teach React- Build a real world application in plain React without complicated tooling.

Paid Courses:

  • io- Short instructional videos on React and many other topics.

  • Frontend Masters- Learn by Video courses on React and another fronted framework.

  • Pure React- A step by step guide to get mastering in React.

  • React for beginners- Learn React in just a couple of afternoons.

  • You can learn all of these by React 16 training.


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