Within just a day after Yoga guru Ramdev's Patanjali launched a messaging application, "Kimbho", attempting to challenge to Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp, a lot have happened and revealed about the amateurish attempt of the Yoga guru into tech space, which he never been a part of. Within a day of its launch Kimbho app has been removed from Android store.

Thanks to french security researcher Elliot Alderson, who has earlier also revealed security flaws of Oneplus, UIDAI/Aadhaar as well as data leaks by Narendra Modi App.

A day after Patanjali's Kimbho went live, Alderson, in a tweet, claimed he could access the messages of all Kimbho app users, calling it a "security disaster." Thereafter, the app disappeared from Google Play store due to security flaws it has, as being speculated.

Kimbho, which claims to encrypt all your messages to the highest standard, turns out to be failure when it comes to 'basic' security practices. Alderson claimed that he can pick up user data and can share it with anyone who’s got the knowledge to take it apart. He also claimed to be able to access the messages of all the users of Kimbho.

Ripp-off, Copy-Paste of Another App Called 'Bolo'

Alderson further claimed that the app was a copy of a similar application called 'Bolo', an app developed by Appdios Inc, which was launched a year back but taken down and closed for public use, after a year or so. Appdios is an California, US-based company founded in 2012 by Aditi Kamal and Sumit Kumar.

Evidently, the description and the screenshots of both - Bolo and Patajali's Kimbho, in the app stores are the same. Moreover, the OTP SMS format of Kimbho app mentions 'Bolo app'. Even the description n pics used are same as Bolo app.

Notably, Patanjali has had hired Appdios founder Aditi Kamal to develop the swadeshi messaging app Kimbho. Aditi, who has also worked at Yahoo Mail and Oracle, was a former Google techie (team leader at Google Hangouts).

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