Last week, we reported that Seedstars World, a global seed-stage startup competition for emerging markets, has come to India for holding a dynamic pitch event on May 18th at Gurugram.

The shortlisted startups which will pitch on May 18th will have compete for a place in the finals at the Seedstars Summit, that annually takes place in Switzerland.

However, in a what could be called as a 'bonus' to startups in India, Seedstars, instead of shortlisting 8 startups, has selected the 9 seed-stage tech startups from India who will pitch to a jury of investors and successful entrepreneurs.

Below are the chosen ones :

Navia Life Care

New Delhi

Sector: Health / Wellness

Navia is a health tech startup building patient engagement solutions improve health outcomes, through increased compliance, monitoring & engagement. With its app it offers effective monitoring of patients out of clinical setting and digitization of health records.

Love In Store


Sector: Consumer Products

Love In Store is a mobile application to -- manage and track retail loyalty programmes, create, audit in store assets, receive payments and engage customers. The app allows retailers, who are struggling with managing multiple loyalty programmes, visibility assets and payouts, to track and manage their loyalty programmes, self merchandise the store.



Sector: Sports Tech (IoT)

For sports players who have No Instant visual feedback about their performance and if there's its only based on camera which is expensive. To solve this, str8bat has developed an IoT device which gives INSTANT, VISUAL & ACTIONABLE feedback to players & coaches to help them get better everyday.

Act It Out


The startup is an online platform to give and take auditions from anytime, anywhere at lowest cost by connecting actors and production houses online from comfort of their home through a smart phone to host and upload auditions. The startup is solving problem of unorganized audition market and current process. Expensive for productions to host auditions and inconvenient for actors to give auditions.

Aether Biomedical


Sector: Medtech / Biotech

Aether is a medical device innovation platform with its core focus on medical robotics and rehabilitation developing Zeus - A bionic limb for amputees. eus is a bionic limb for upper limb amputees with multiple grip modes, anthropomorphic design and feedback control under $2000. Notably, the global robotics prosthesis market is worth 790 Million USD and there is no low cost - high efficacy prosthesis for upper limb amputees.



Sector: Advertising and Marketing (Artificial Intelligence [AI])

With exploding content and choices, retail & digital businesses are struggling to engage customers, Impel Labs has a flagship product Recotap, a AI Powered Personalization Technology For Retail(offline) and media(online). Recotap is AI driven audience engagement platform for digital media portals, retail kiosks and displays virtual assistants, web/mobile apps.


New Delhi

Sector: Enterprise Products (Artificial Intelligence [AI])

The amount of data that a CCTV generates each second is immense and CCTV footage's analysed by human eye is inaccurate and time consuming. Wobot helps businesses make sense of this CCTV data by implementing a layer of Artificial Intelligence that is taught to do surveillance on behalf of the human eye.



Sector: Travel and Transport

BYKUP is building single marketplace for motorbikes for emerging India’s 600 Mn population. It allows the purchase/sell of asset and also enables buyers to earn back the monthly costs via ride-sharing.

Curie Labs


Sector: Energy/ Clean Tech

Curie Labs has built AI driven sensors to reduce power bills by 25%. As inefficiencies in a commercial buildings leading to a lot of wastage, which amounts to 40% in total, Curie Labs automate the entire building and hence do thermal profiling thereby optimizing the HVAC systems.

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