A tech start-up in Lucknow is working on a business model to deliver tea at customers' houses with a drone. In partnership with Online Kaka, a food delivery startup also based out of Lucknow, Tech Eagle invented a drone which will deliver tea up to 10 km and have a capacity of holding 2 liter.

Founded in 2015 by IIT-Kanpur alumnus Vikram Singh along with his four friends, Tech Eagle will take orders through a food app, news agency ANI reported. The drone can carry weight up to 2 kg and can travel a distance of up to 10 kilometer.

“Drone is installed with GPS tracking device and the address for delivery will be feed in it and will deliver the order within few minutes.” He further added, “There is no guidelines in India related to drones. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation is working on making guidelines. As soon as it will be made we will take permission to deliver tea with the help of drone", said Vikram Singh, CEO & Founder of Tech Eagle, which was recognized as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions(DIPP).

The startup specialize in developing DRONEs/UAVs of 1-5 meter( wingspan), 1-10kg (Payload), 1-5 Hours (Flight Time), and Modular for Companies, Research Institutes and individuals. It develops drones for commercial, civil and defense uses and also organises training courses for graduates to bridge skill gaps.

"Our mission is to bridge the gap between the students' theoretical and practical knowledge thus providing them the complete skill set in the UAV/Drone Industry," says Tech Eagle's website.

Besides, the startup also has an online shop for electronic kits of UAVs and drones.

[caption id="attachment_124489" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Tech Eagle Team[/caption]

Currently, there are plenty of UAV/ drone-based startups in the country but stuck when it comes to its commercial uses as India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has yet to come up with policy for same. In 2014, an unmanned drone was used to deliver a pizza to a flat in a high rise in Worli in Central Mumbai. The local police, however, described it as an unauthorized flight in violation of rules.

In April 2016, an another Drone Startup, based out of Kanpur, called Aarav Unmanned Systems raised a bridge round funding from Aaruha Technologies, Sagitaur Ventures and ex-Infosys CFOs Mohandas Pai and V Balakrishnan.

Last November, DGCA released draft regulations on the commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for cinematography, door to door delivery, aerial mapping, infrastructure monitoring (ports & pipelines) and even passenger transport which will also enable civil of drones or unmanned aerial vehicles. Since then, over 6 months have passed by but nothing substantial has took off in this matter.

To recall, in October of last year, Amazon had already filed patent for delivery drones in India.

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