Is predicting of climate changes is easy? Yes, say by the experts in scientific American website they have said about combining of Artificial Intelligence with the science of climate which helps to answer the unknown climate changes and some other issues like global warming.

For most of them improving the forecast is as the sample as i.e making trips and much more, But better weather forecasting saves many lives. Even making a small change in predicting of weather makes a larger difference for government and public sectors. When experts help for improving the accurate weather forecasting which helps farmers to plant and harvesting and also helps airlines to work accordingly. In recent times there was a natural disaster happened in USA i.e. hurricanes which cause lots of damage to government and the business sector.

In this article, we see how big data and machine learning is used to predict weather forecasting and natural disasters and also we come to know how Artificial Intelligence helps business and government. Let’s get started.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is nothing but the speculative machine that exhibits behavior at least as experienced and malleable as humans do, and this can also be said as Intelligence machine. In other words, Artificial Intelligence is nothing but a group of machines has a common goal to make an incredible intelligence machine, This helps in different technologies.

Here are some top industries which use to improve the weather forecasting and Prediction of Natural Disasters are IBM & Panasonic..etc, AI is not only used by private sectors but also governments like the USA are implementing AI.

For Machine Learning it strongly helps for weather forecasting, It helps to analyze the huge amount of relevant information i.e. historical data and on-going data which is possibly processed by their own. In this, we look at how AI helps in Weather Forecasting.

How Algorithms Works for Predicting Weather

Predicting of Weather can be done by using the techniques like Regression & Functional Regression, It is the process of predicting continuous values and perform set of calculations and analysis data. Example when we need to predict the weather of New York with the help of machine learning algorithm the experts use ¾ of data for training the algorithms and ¼ of data for the Test dataset.  Artificial Intelligence can also be used for predicting weather It includes models such as Neural Networks, Probabilistic model Bayesian Network & Vector Machines..etc.

However machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm are very expensive but within few years they make some advancements to achieve their goal predict the weather and to prevent disasters like hurricane, Tornadoes, and Thunderstorms.

Developing the Source from Weather Data

In day to day life weather changes randomly which can’t be predicted, The scope of weather-related data is very high. The weather-related data patterns, winds, temperatures..etc are collected for the different weather satellites present in the space. This is just a small resource to collect the data there are many other resources private weather stations on Earth which helps to gather the real-time data. There is the company called IBM which are accessing more than 250,000 personal weather stations they provide real-time weather reports. As economical sensors and improved connectivity which can expand the accessibility of the internet of things (IoT).

Prediction of Natural Disasters & Weather Forecasting with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has brought a huge change in different technologies which changed their work culture in different aspects such as customer services, marketing, transportation and other industrial processes. Now the experts have take AI to the next level by predicting of natural disasters which help to save lots of damage before it happens. Here we know how helps from natural disaster.

Anticipate Damage

Artificial Intelligence has its commitment to improving disaster relief, In a recent time, One Concern company has worked and created a predictive AI program which is also known as Seismic Concern which helps us to predict wildfires, tsunamis, and floods etc.

The work of seismic is to collect the data from seismic activity and analyzes them which help relief workers determine what areas need what kind of assistance with the help of structural integrity of nearby buildings, By this fast recover happens.

Preceding Warnings For Fewer Damages

Predicting of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis..etc are very difficult because they happen unexpectedly which makes lots of damage in few seconds to the town. To solve this, Experts have researched on Artificial Intelligence which helps in saving many lives from this process.

In this machine learning plays a vital role in getting weather prediction every day this can also help to find when can hurricane can hit the town. Artificial Intelligence has proven that 30% more effective than any other technologies.

Pennsylvania State University from the USA has a team called geophysicists has gathering the information about the earthquakes and also other natural disasters from which they analyzing the data with the help of machine learning, which helps to gather more information from creaking and grinding noise by which we can predict the natural disaster before it occurs.

Benefits of Weather Forecasting with AI

AI for Agriculture

As per the IBM records, more than 90% of the crops go vain because of weather events. Experts say up to 20% crops can be saved by predicting the weather events before it occurs. Predicting weather not only helps for growing crops but also it helps to transport the crops from field to warehouses. In past records, US Federal Crop Insurance have paid double the amount of the actual pay.

By Improving the weather forecast with Artificial Intelligence,  Farmers can easily recognize what are the steps they need to take for preventing the crops and also helps to analyze the farmers about what type of crop they can plant at the particular session, fertilize, spray, irrigate, and harvest crops...etc. Accurate weather forecasting helps farmers to maximize their yield. This improves with better data, analytics, and management are dramatic for agriculture.

AI for Retail

The weather has a huge impact on people they feel, long-distance travel, and spending of money. A small rain can stop a delivery of food. Machine Learning has some shocking information on light, Walmart has founded some customers required berries on calm days when the weather reaches to 25C to 30C so they have targeted particular area and increased their berries sales.

AI Prevents from Disasters

Natural Disasters can occur due to change in weather which takes off many lives and damages lot’s of property to. So better weather can save many lives from disaster, IBM has to mix the weather forecasting tool(Artificial Intelligence) with local area information on severe storms and distribution networks. Using machine learning, IBM is predicting 40% to 50% damage and Intimates before 72 hours of Thunderstorm occurs. By this storm, the area can be recovered before it happens and more lives and some property can save with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


If you look back for last few years in IT industries there are huge roles has been overtaken by Artificial Intelligence almost in every sector they have been ruling with their unique features. When it comes to predicting of weather AI plays an important role, It helps to prevent from the natural disaster before it occurs, Improving the weather forecasting which  helps in Agriculture..etc. Artificial Intelligence has a huge scope, If your person how is looking for good salary and job satisfaction then this will be your best choice. There are many websites which provides training on AI go through any of the website’s learn and build your career.

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