If you're a blockchain tech enthusiast then you must be knowing that at the start of this month, a Visakhapatnam aka Vizag-based startup Zebi Data India (Zebi) was in the news turning its name into brand in every corner of the country. The startup made into news for developing its flagship blockchain-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution for hospitality industry. The secure and tamper-proof product called Zebi AI Chain do not only protect the guest data of the hotel, but also help police officials to identify and prevent criminal activities.

Now in a further development in same, police in Andhra Pradesh have ordered hotels and inns to deploy the blockchain security solution developed by Zebi.

According to a Medium blog post published by Zebi this Friday, the startup's product Zebi AI Chain merges blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) to securely store data about hotel guests, and aims to both bring convenience to customers and to help prevent criminal activities.

According the startup's Medium post, Dr Fakeerappa Kaginelli, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, said, “We made it mandatory for all the hotels under Vizag (Visakhapatnam) city limits to use Zebi AI Chain”

“We are able to get the visitor details from all the hotels to our police control room in real time. This data will be compared with the police database to ascertain whether the guest has any criminal background”, the IPS added.

The data collected is compared with the police database of criminals, missing persons and so on to ascertain whether the guest has any criminal background.

According to Indian laws, personal identification data of hotel guests has to be reported to the police department on a daily basis in the interest of national security. And, up till now, the data transfer between the hotels and law enforcement agencies has been done manually, by carrying paper-based documents. This is where 'Zebi AI Chain' breaks the ice and making this whole cumbersome process easier, faster as well as secure, at the same time.

Dr Kaginelli, the IPS, also revealed to Coindesk that, "All hotels are directed to enter their check-in particulars on real-time basis without fail and they are adhering too ... 230 hotels are entering their guest particulars through this tech web page."

“The communication with the police department has been hassle free after implementing the application provided by Zebi. Previously, the police used to visit us on a regular basis for enquiring about the status of tourists, now it is not necessary!” said, Nagesh Kumar Venkata Asst. Front Office Manager at The Park, Vizag.

Additionally, in its upcoming plans, Zebi is also preparing for "full-scale deployment across all the hotels in India."

It is also to be noted that Andhra government has also partnered Zebi for dealing with land records. The state government has so far secured more than 1,00,000 land records through Zebi Data.

Andhra Pradesh - India's Most Pro-Blockchain State

Chandrababu Naidu-led Andhra is fast becoming the Blockchain Hub of India by bringing blockchain technology into the mainstream.

In a blockchain business conference held last year, Naidu said, “I want to make Visakhapatnam not only India’s capital for FinTech or blockchain technologies, it will be centre of excellence for the global community.”

Few days back, New York-based blockchain startup Consensys, which is founded by Joseph Lubin, who is the co-founder of the Ethereum, has signed a nonbinding agreement with Niti Aayog, a govt. of India's policy think tank, to make blockchain prototypes across healthcare, education, land registry, supply chain, and more.

Last October, the state became the first state in the India to pilot blockchain technology in two departments - land records and transport. The state launched pilot projects based on blockchain technology for land records and transport.

In July last year, Andhra Pradesh became the first state government outside the US to join the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), an Ethereum-based alliance formed in March this year by Microsoft, Intel and more than two dozen other companies/banks to develop standards and technology to make it easier for enterprises to use blockchain code Ethereum.

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