An entrepreneur has to go through a lot things on a daily basis in order to take his/her business off the ground and pressure of breaking even out entrepreneurs in to high stress, both mentally and physically. In all this, it is imperative to take care of one's health to alleviate the strain and cope with the extra weight on your shoulders.

However in India, the problem begins when Indians largely remain immune to ways to secure the sound health and often prey fall to one or the other diseases or meet with eventualities unexpectedly. Besides, there are fewer means available for Indians to plan their health security.

If we speak about extreme temperatures, like ongoing summer season in India, then scientifically speaking, your body’s thermostat resides in the hypothalamus, an important part in your brain. The hypothalamus signals the proper response to help regulate your temperature and achieve homeostasis. When it is too cold, or too hot, your body has to divert resources away from other tasks in order to restore balance.

Thus, it is AGAIN imperative to support your hypothalamus in taking take of your own health. Here are five things entrepreneurs can do to stay on top of their business AND their health.


Nothing saves you in summer better than the rehydration drinks. Such drinks can help you sustain burning sun-rays, manage the skin glow, maintain the energy level, and ensure that you do not fall sick.

Therefore, keeping yourself hydrated with water, fresh fruit juice, homemade smoothies, and fruits is the ideal way to keep a family healthy during summers.

Get Out, Work Out

Winter ensures that we remain behind the closed doors as much as possible and mostly under the blanket, so that, bacteria and virus cannot attack us. Although what happens in the summer is exactly the opposite. Summer is a good time to spend sometimes under cover of natural vitamin C in the early morning. Stretching yourself a bit would increase the stamina and adds flexibility to the body.

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Besides, losing out the bad cholesterol from your blood is also essential to maintain healthy heart, skin and mind. Bad cholesterol is a result of bad fat that accumulates in your body & blood due to unhealthy lifestyle, junk food consumption or food that have trans-fats. To burn out the the bad-fat a.k.a bad-cholesterol, start intaking foods like walnuts, berries, juicy fruits, or out-of-the-box fat-burning smoothie to clear out the trans-fat out of your blood. The best however is to sweat-out, in a your own convenient way.

Protection from Sun

Skin being right on the forefront becomes the victim of Sun’s fury and loses its charm, shine, smoothness, and complexion.

There are many cosmetics, and sunscreen lotions are available but, there is also a need for natural ingredients. Homemade beauty treatment may help you get the feel of the spa at the cost that may help you buy a spa in a couple of years.

Intercept Insect Bites

Usually, insects too remain under the shield throughout the winter. But with changing seasons, insects have their field day, sending many humans off the field. There are various kinds of bugs that surface during summers, especially mosquitoes. Keeping windows and doors protected with wire grills would do lots of good. Also, ensure to have a medical kit with antibiotics ready in case of bug bite.

Be Careful with Stored Foods

Hot weather is the greatest enemy of stored food, especially cooked meal. If you are storing food items after cooking, make sure they are well refrigerated. Check if the item is still eatable before consuming stored foods. Hot weather can cause cooked, stored food to grow stale quickly. Consuming such food can lead to food poisoning or worse.

Also, educate the kids to check their lunch before consumption and report to teachers if they feel any stomach ache after lunch.

Have a Health Insurance

Despite all the precautions what if you fall ill during the summers and must be hospitalised, keep health insurance handy. Although you should see the doctor for regular health checks, health insurance will cover you financially in more dire circumstances.

For people leading a sedentary lifestyle, caring for the heart is also important. While health insurance takes care of hospitalisation expenses, heart treatments may need extra financial resources. Therefore, you may also want to consider health and heart insurance plans along with comprehensive health policy.

Health and heart insurance, offers you lumpsum benefits in case of any severe, life-threatening illnesses, like heart ailment, cancer or renal failure.

How to Buy Health & Heart Insurance?

You can buy heart insurance plan online with just a few clicks, without having to visit a branch.

Your family is also better protected with health and heart insurance plans. This plan, instead of waiting for your medical bills pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of a covered illness. Such lumpsum payment is not only useful for the treatment but also to run the household without having to dig into your long-term investments.

There are perception conflicts in India. Insurances were never considered for a life cover or a risk cover, but always a financial tool to save the taxes. The very concept has bereft Indians of many health benefits health insurance brings.

Health insurance costs much cheaper compared to a medical emergency, hospitalisation, or diseases can cost. Besides, it sets you free from worries related to health or medical eventualities. So, if you wish to have a healthy family, make sure you follow the basics and cover your family adequately.

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