Two Indian startups -- Neewee and EFLIGHT -- accelerated at Airbus Bizlab India, have signed their first contracts with aviation giant Airbus and its subsidiary NAVBLUE to bring to life their unique innovative ideas in aerospace that are in line with the Indian government's 'Make in India' and 'Startup India' initiatives.

Neewee and EFLIGHT, both based out of Bengaluru, were part of five start-ups chosen a year ago from the second season of the Airbus Bizlab technology acceleration programme that attracted 137 applications from nine countries.

Bruno Gutierres, Head of Airbus BizLab, said in a media statement, “Finding these startups that understand the digital needs of Airbus has been a real pleasure in the second season of the accelerator programme.”

Neewee's solution, called procuSense, will enhance certainty to manufacturing supply chain and procurement operations at Airbus, using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

EFLIGHT's trip support solution will offer a comprehensive suite of services that allows business jet pilots to optimise plans for fuel, time, route and weather.

The start-up has also signed an exclusive partnership with an Airbus subsidiary to jointly address some opportunities in India.

"We are delighted to announce the recent contracts signed by Neewee and EFLIGHT. These partnerships stand as an example of our commitment towards engaging with the entrepreneurial community and creating business opportunities for them, especially with Airbus," said Bruno.

Airbus BizLab Leader - India, Siddharth Balachandran said, "Both Neewee and EFLIGHT are unique solutions that have the potential to provide significant and long-term benefits to not only Airbus but other big and small businesses on a global scale. The roadmap for the future includes implementing Neewee's analytics solution in other Airbus functions globally."

Bizlab is a part of Airbus' innovative strategy to bring together start-ups and Airbus intrapreneurs. Airbus’s global business accelerator in Bengaluru set up in 2015, is the its first such facility outside Europe and only the third after Toulouse, France, home to the company’s headquarters, and Hamburg, Germany, where it has a jumbo factory.

Since 2015, Airbus made its presence felt in India as besides launching Bizlab, it also organized a global student competition called Fly Your Ideas and announced an Indian team called Team Multifun as winner for their innovation of world’s first airplane that is capable of generating its own power by making use of the vibration action of its wings.

Last year, we also reported that early-stage investment arm of Airbus, Airbus Ventures is in process of setting up an independent investment arm in India. With this investment arm, the firm will infuse money in the aerospace and non-aerospace startups in India such as autonomous vehicles, electric energy, IoT and cyber security etc.

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