The last two decades witnessed the exponential rise in the startups and ecommerce businesses. But over 90% of them failed miserably and the operations had to be shut down before further financial losses. These points out that most of the startups and ecommerce businesses lacked either a business idea or a business plan while only a handful of them knew the way out and hence, thrived and excelled. The fact is that the trends in such businesses keep on changing every year and if a startup or existing company cannot upgrade themselves according to the trend, they are sure to perish. If you are thinking of launching a startup or adding ecommerce to your existing platform, the following 5 useful tips and tools will help you immensely to survive the competitive market and thrive steadily.

5 Amazing Tips & Tools For Startups & Ecommerce in 2018 –

Reach Out To The Targeted Audience – The success or failure of a business depends on the marketing strategy. There are various marketing ways like email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing. In 2018, you cannot depend solely on any one of them and instead, you have to cater to all of them to reach out to the targeted audiences.

Tool – Marketo is the best tool to avail all these marketing ways with one automated dashboard. The tool is used by the leaders in the startups and ecommerce businesses to increase brand awareness, get leads and prospects and converting them into long-term customers.

Viral Marketing – There are two ways to do viral marketing such that your products reach out to a lot of audiences at once. One of the ways is paid campaigns on search engines and on social media sites. The other way is through influencers. More than the first way, the second one is going to be fruitful in 2018 as it is going to attract the attention of the audiences far more than the first way out. Finding influencers to promote your products and services can be tiresome unless you know the right tool to use.

Tool – BuzzSumo is the tool tailor-made to find out the influencers in your niche. You can reach out to them and strike a deal to promote your product or service among various categories of audiences you can send out to. Furthermore, the tool helps you to find out what is the hottest things going on in your niche so that you can capitalize on the trends.

Effective Social Media and Email Marketing – Social media marketing is one of the best in the current scenario but not many corporates know how to do it properly. Similarly, lack of knowledge of email marketing makes corporates think email marketing is ineffective. They are gold mines for businesses to hit the jackpot.

Tools – For email marketing, you need Sumo which has various templates to collect emails automatically and politely and built a strong list of subscribers to reach out to for conversion. Furthermore, it has share buttons for social media and it shows where on the website the visitors are clicking more. Similarly, Buffer is the tool for social media marketing whereby you can publish posts at the optimal time to get the best reach and analyze your performance for betterment.

Converting The Traffic Into Customers – It is said that the first impression is the last. Therefore, make the best impression with the most attractive landing page. You need to test out various variations to see which one is working the best for you and increasing the conversion rate.

Tool – Unbounce is the tool to design and test out stunning landing pages. You can also use Optimizely for A/B testing. These are the leading platforms for testing and optimizing the landing page to impress your visitors and increase lead generation.

Understating Your Visitors – You have to understand the behavior and the demand of your visitors to serve them perfectly and converting them into leads and customers. You can understand such parameters through detailed analytics.

Tools – Qualaroo is a leading tool to get detailed insights and analytics and take actions accordingly for improvement. Inspectlet is a tool that records the activity of the users in video form and you can analyze the videos to understand every visitor minutely.

If you want to have a successful startup and ecommerce business in 2018 like PromocodeClub, you have to incorporate the above-mentioned tips and tools in your business to prosper.


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