Yesterday, we talked about India's First reality web series PitchRight, which is being launched today as a web series comprising of 13 episodes with 13 different entrepreneurs selected through an application process. As part of this initiative, the selected entrepreneurs will be given 45 seconds to make an elevator pitch to Sanjay Mehta, Director, Core Media and investor in Cryptocurrencies, which will be followed by a detailed feedback to the entrepreneur.

The idea of doing PitchRight is to help entrepreneurs understand how to make their elevator pitch perfect and make the most of 40 odd seconds in a lift with an investor. Each entrepreneur will be scored by Sanjay and the ones scored between 8 -- 10 will make it to the finale.

Here are the chosen 13 entrepreneurs with their respective startup ideas :

1. Hoopoun

Founder - Amarjeet Singh Oberoi

A blockchain-based offer discovery app for lifestyle and loyalty programs, which gives users offers and rewards while shopping across different categories that they can redeem to invest in shares, cryptocurrencies, insurance and mutual funds.

2. Gaia Smart Cities

Founder - Amrita Verma Chowdhury

Smart Feedback - bringing visibility to the opaque last mile through data from physical and digital channels.

Gaia is an internet of things (IoT) and automation company providing end to end solutions to enable smart transformation of enterprises and cities. Founded in 2015 by Sumit D Chowdhury, former president of enterprise business and CIO of Reliance Jio, Gaia Smart Cities sees huge opportunity in IoT implementation for building smart infrastructure. The firm is also working closely with the ministry of urban development (MoUD) as an integral part of the National Project Management Unit (PMU) of the Swachh Bharat Mission.

3. Sweat Free

Founder - Chanakya Ramdev

Best possible undershirts so you never get sweat stains

Sweat Free's technology has made a wardrobe (currently a T-Shirt) from bamboo-based fabrics and soft cotton material, it has advanced absorbing properties, which whisks sweat away, so you feel dry while avoiding stains. In 2015, Sweat Free’s team of seven people, along with Chanakya, received $25,000 from the Canada-based Velocity Fund to launch their startup. Currently, the startup is said to be working in the Velocity Science labs in Ontorio, Canada to reach a point where they can start working with manufacturers to advance the existing prototype and begin broader testing. Their current focus is on undergarments, but the goal is to be able to integrate the technology into all types of clothing.

4. Eyedentify Systems

Founder - Dhushyanth Dachiraju

Ensuring safety for commuters

Eyedentify aims to build high-quality products that help in ensuring in-vehicle security for drivers & commuters via intelligent features designed to deter offenders & alert authorities in real-time in case of an incident. For an instance, the startup's flagship In-Vehicle Occupant Security System provides cutting-edge telecommunications modules, and is integrated with panic buttons and a camera, along with microphones and speakers, which enable the passenger or driver to get help when they need it most.

5. Eduisfun Technologies

Founder - Jatin Solanki

Making learning fun, easy & accessible to everyone through games!

Eduisfun platform provides an enhanced gamified learning experience by offering personalised question-based learning blended with games for tech savvy generation, so as to make learning more fun. The concept is built step by step as students go through various levels in game making.

6. Code Enterprises LLP

Founder - Naman Gupta

India's first cigarette waste management and recycling firm with a huge range of by-products.

Cigarette waste is a non-biodegradable waste which can be reused in various other by-products, CODE Enterprises thus recycles each component of cigarette waste generated either domestically or industrially. It use the most environmentally responsible methods and procedures for recycling waste and reusing it in the form of recycled products.

The startup provide collection services of cigarette waste with an aim to a cigarette waste free India. Collection of cigarette waste is one rigorous task our team successfully handles. Collection services come along with one free VBins. Collection is paid to the customers as per the rates specified in the contract. The startup claims that the cigarette waste is recycled using biodegradable chemicals without any machinery. The waste water generated during cigarette butts recycling is also recycled for further usage in the next batches. Code Enterprises LLP ensures zero wastage.

7. Dimension NXG

Founder - Pankaj Raut

Dimension NXG provides customized end to end augmented reality (AR) solution to enterprises in automobile, aerospace, defense, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, architecture, Marketing, etc.. The startup offers AR headset based project management app, teleportation and training app which decreases cost, time, and errors for enterprises in automobiles, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, etc.

THe startup's flagship AR headset called 'AjnaLens' (“AJNA” is derived from Indian Vedas, the third-eye chakra) which is powered by artificial intelligence and provide real-time 3D AR Models, instructions, important information and situational data (pressure, temperature, flow direction, voltage, etc) directly in their field of view
to improve efficiency, by reducing the manual effort and time required for specific task.

8. Rubit Technologies

Founder - Rushikesh Sapkal

A cryptocurrency exchange platform which provides smarter way for investor to invest their money in cryptocurrencies

Rubit plans to connect the world of crypto with the power of Artificial intelligence by offering an exchange platform which provides real time crypto market like support for trading of multiple cryptocurrency, Real Time price status of Crypto-Coins and trading of multiple cryptocurrency. It also offers an AI Bot for effective Trading between the varying prices of Cryptocurrencies.

9. CupShup

Founder - Sanil Jain

Paper-Cup Advertising

The startup aims to convert the tea breaks of the country into discussion joints for brands by advertising on the paper tea/coffee cups. Cupshup’s clientele today includes more than 50 companies, which includes names like Google, Uber, Ola Cabs, Swiggy, Kotak Securities, Viacom 18, Coke and many others.

10. Bolt Auto Technologies

Founder - Satyajeet Mohanty

Enabling and inspiring riders to pursue their passion for riding.

Bolt offers technology enabled motorbike accessories to enhance the riding experience. Primarily, the startup offers a mobile app called Bolt Riders App, which is a riders community as well as a platform to connect with other riders to grow a rider's network, auto-detect pit-stops, auto-tag images, track rides and share ride stories, ensuring that bike riders are building their online rider profile on the go. Bolt also offers premium detachable phone charger which can be mounted on motorcycles.

11. BECKFriends

Founder -Shikha Pandey

Send Anything Anywhere. Earn as you Travel.

BECKFriends is a global peer-to-peer logistics marketplace focuses on simplifying global logistics requirements through technology. It gives an opportunity to the user delivering the package to economize their travel expenses by earning while they travel and in the meantime, providing instant delivery for the users wanting to send a package.

Started by three Co-founders -- Shikha Pandey, Deep Malhotra and Mayukh Basu, BECKFriends has a robust team with a good mix of technology and business expertise. Mayukh Basu is an engineer in his early twenties from BITS Pilani lead the technology at BECK. Shikha Pandey, ex-Airtel and ex-Unilever, leads the operations & strategy of the business and Deep Malhotra, Ex-Google and Ex-Senior Director Myspace, who is on board as a co-founder and is leading the team.

12. Agrahyah Technologies

Founder - Sreeraman Thiagarajan

Get news about people, places, things and organisations you care about in your language.

Agrahyah Technologies is a software startup on a mission to make technology accessible to every Indian by building a suite of mobile apps, products, and content ground-up for the millions of non-English literates. Its Android apps can be used in eleven Indian vernacular languages.

13. AskArvi

Founder - Sushant Reddy

Insurance marketplace on a mobile chat.

AskArvi is the creator of Arvi, a smart and friendly personal insurance chatbot, which the startup claims as "India's coolest chatbot that makes insurance smart, simple and social". Arvi provides customers an insightful conversational experience using a mix of artificial intelligence, data and a touch of light-hearted humor.

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