When someone mentions the term PDF, the first name that pop-ups into your mind are surely Adobe Acrobat. It is a tool synonymous with PDF thanks to a plethora of features it comes with and the, of course, the number of years that Adobe has been in the game. That said, the tool isn’t without its flaws particularly when it comes to matters pricing. If you don't have enough budget or want to look for a product that is easy on your pockets, you might need the best Adobe Acrobat alternative albeit with cheaper price structures and amazing PDF features. Luckily, we have a good Adobe Acrobat alternative for you! It’s Wondershare PDFelement 6, a PDF solution that is creating a buzz around the globe. Wondering what the buzz is all about? Well, stay on as we will be reviewing some of the amazing features of this Adobe Acrobat alternative. Let’s get to the cool stuff, shall we?

PDFelement 6 Professional is a unique application that has a lot of features not common in other PDF software.


PDFelement 6 Professional has a unique editing feature that allows editing of a PDF document. Moreover, the installation of PDFelement 6 Professional was fast easy and simple. In addition, the graphical user interface is very user friendly. The opening screen of the PDFelement 6 Professional is most user friendly. It allows for editing of previous files, unlike other pdf that only permits opening of file. It also allows for immediate creation of a PDF file without going to the home page. Furthermore, file can be directly converted without visiting the home page.


PDFelement 6 allows direct conversion from a PDF document to word document on its home page. In addition, PDFelement 6 Professional also allows conversion of a PDF document to several other types of documents such as Excel, PowerPoint, Html and image among others.

Edit and OCR

The editing feature of the PDFelement 6 Professional is also unique in several ways. It allows for change of font and general editing of font. It almost like working on word document, making things quite easy. It also allows for rotation, and cropping of documents. In addition, one can cut, paste and delete and even share text within a document. The editing features permits the addition of images to a PDF document. It also possible to insert a link to another document or a web page.


PDFelement 6 Professional also allows for optical character recognition. It enables to transform photos and scanned images into editable and searchable PDF documents.

It also has provision for the insertion of watermark making a document unique and secure. PDFelement 6 Professional has provision for a document to have background colours which beautifies the document. PDFelement 6 Professional also permits the insertion of header and footer, but in a unique manner. The user can see the alignment of the header an and footer on the editing window before insertion into the document. Unlike most other PDF software, PDFelement 6 Professional allows for custom bates numbering.


The comment features of the PDFelement 6 Professional is something else. It is also like using a word application but much better. A user can highlight, underline, strikethrough and caret text among others. In addition, various shapes and lines can be added to a PDF document. A user can also draw lines and insert arrows. In addition, it is possible to write and erase. These features make the PDFelement 6 Professional indeed very unique. The comment features also allows the insertion of notes and text boxes. There is also a typewriter provision. Furthermore, areas of a PDF document can be highlighted in different colours. A most striking feature of the PDFelement 6 Professional comment feature is the provision of stamps. There are custom stamps such as approved and witness among others. It is also possible for a user to create own stamps. These features are not even available on word documents. Furthermore, all the annotations on a document can be hidden.

Page view

The view features of the PDFelement 6 Professional is also fantastic. A PDF document can fit to actual page size, window width, window, window height and full screen. It is also possible to view one page at a time, view pages side by side and also tile documents. Furthermore, a portion of the document can be captured.

Organize PDF

The PDFelement 6 Professional has a very fascinating page feature. It allows for the extraction and insertion of pages. It is also possible to replaces pages or split a document. These features makes document manipulation quite simple. There are also provisions for setting page margins using the page boxes feature. A page label facility is also available allow for various operations including deletion of pages.

PDF Form and Data Extraction

The PDFelement 6 Professional form features is most fascinating. It allows the creation of a typical form as if a user is in a programming environment. Typical operations that are performed on a form such as adding a text field, adding a check box, a radio button, a combo, a list box among other are available.

Another unique feature of the PDFelement 6 Professional after opening is the provision for batch processing. This allows for conversion and data extraction of several file per time. Unlike most other PDF applications, the PDFelement 6 Professional provides several PDF templates that can be used for various purposes.

Signature and protection

Most interestingly is the provision for digital signatures on a PDF document. There are also various beautiful templates for different uses such a wedding card, agreement, loan application, analysis, profit and loss among others.

The protection features are also wonderful. A user can permanently blank out portions of a document. A unique protection feature of the PDFelement 6 Professional is the creation of a password for a PDF document. There is also a password management facility. Another very fascinating feature is that once a user creates a digital ID, the PDF document can be signed. The signatures can be validated and also cleared. In conclusion, the PDFelement 6 Professional is more than a PDF application, it is simply fantastic making the use of PDF documents easy.

New Features in PDFelement 6.3

It is also worth mentioning that the new version of the PDFelement some new features worth salivating for. This includes:

  • XFA-Based PDF Support to improve the way you open, read and fill XFA-based PDF forms

  • Advanced graphic editing tools

  • A feature that allows addition of file attachments to PDF

Wondershare PDFelement 6 Compatibility and Pricing

Wondershare isn’t just better than Adobe Acrobat in terms of features, it also stands a cut above the latter in matters compatibility and the pricing. PDFelement is flexible enough to support any device you are working with. It can work with Mac, Windows. What’s more, the mobile devices (iOS and Android) are totally free.

Perhaps the most attractive bit of the PDFelement is the pricing which is far much affordable compared to the Adobe Acrobat. The PDFelement goes for $99.95 for the Pro Version while the Adobe Acrobat DC goes for $155.88 per year.

Talk of killing two stones with one bird-a tool packed with features at a pocket friendly pricing compared to Adobe Acrobat!

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