The impacts of indoor air pollution on human health is much higher when compared to the impacts caused by outdoor air pollution. Sources say that nearly 3.5 million premature deaths occur every year due to indoor air pollution.

BreatheFresh, a Delhi-based start-up working in the areas of anti-pollution is taking a significant step towards addressing indoor air quality issues and improving health. BreatheFresh Solutions Pvt. limited has launched products which are Natural & Chemical free, carefully handpicked from the best sources, and affordably priced to ensure that every family is able to fight indoor air pollution effectively.The move by Breathe Fresh, therefore, comes at the right time, offering natural solutions to the second biggest killer in India after high blood pressure. These products are available from major online marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart, and their own website. At a very affordable price the product is available from Rs 600 – 2000 for all models.

The air quality in India is alarmingly hazardous and high concentration level of pollution inside houses, indoor air pollution accounts for more deaths in India, than outdoor air pollution. A research shows that indoor pollution could be five times more polluted than outside.

The Products offered by Breathe Fresh are crafted with a vision of cleaning all breathing spaces of the unnaturalness in the air. These products are affordable and sustainable for everyone. It can go beyond the reach of conventional air purifiers- in kitchens, bathrooms, cars, closets and all imaginable spaces. The current offering includes VAYU Natural Air Purification Bags, Oxy-Gen: Ecosystem of Air Purifying Plants, Beeswax Candles, Pureefy Antibacterial Essential Oil Blend and Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps.

[caption id="attachment_122774" align="aligncenter" width="700"]breathefresh (Left) Air Prurufying Bag and (Right) Ionic Air Purifying Lamp[/caption]

Bhawani Bhateja; Co-Founder – BreatheFresh said, “Our solutions are affordable and yet powerful Nature’s hidden secrets. No chemicals, no fancy machinery but only simple and sustainable clean living.

In the words of Gaurav Arora, Co-founder – BreatheFresh, “Each of the products is made from carefully selected natural ingredients which are abundantly available in our environment &surroundings and are reasonably priced to ensure the home is safe for everyone particularly the kids, without the need to break the bank.”

In the words of Mrunalini, one of the user from Amazon, “This product helped me breathe literally..i am asthmatic and allergic to dust. This charcoal purifies the surrounding air even reduces the bacteria around u...i put it on my desk at my work place and it’s easy to be carried around too. Overall the product is really satisfying and anyone can go for it. The delivery was in time and the packaging was also good. So, Happy with it!

Another customer Rakesh. S from Amazon says that under hazardous level of pollution in Delhi, I bought two bags of Vayu natural. The one placed in car did show a significant improvement in VOC as checked by my air metering device. The VOC level remained confined to decimal third place only. Small improvement is desired to enable hanging the bag on rear view mirror for maximum exposure to air inside. A must buy product.

Though a majority of anti-pollution strategy has remained focused on what is beyond the boundaries of houses but there are several sources of pollution that pose danger to health indoors too.Experts suggest the composition of indoor air is different from outside. Air quality inside the house is determined by volatile organic compounds (from paints), bio-aerosols, nitrous oxides (from cooking gas) and so on.

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