Have you heard the news about ‘Airbags’ being made mandatory by the government of India for all the cars manufactured after July 2019? It's not just airbags but include the following also!

  • Seat-belt reminders

  • Speeding alert systems beyond 80 kmph

  • Sensors for reverse parking to avoid accidents

  • Manual overrides over central locking system for emergencies

All these will be mandatory after July 2019, a great initiative we all will agree.

India is one of the countries yet to enforce safety features in vehicles to protect the passengers. Apart from all the above initiatives, a comprehensive car insurance policy should also be made mandatory to strengthen the safety procedures for the car owners.

Currently, third-party car insurance is mandatory in India, under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. A third-party insurance offers cover against any legal liability to a third party caused when the car owner is at fault. It covers any damage or injury caused to another person or property. However, it lacks the extensive coverage facilities as compared to the comprehensive car insurance.

The most superior kind of protection you can provide your car is a package car insurance policy. It is one step ahead of the basic third-party car insurance policy. A third-party insurance offers protection and security only for the third-party or the vehicles but fails to cover your own vehicle against the possibility of an accident. However, comprehensive insurance, on the other hand, provides extensive coverage and offers more services. There are many benefits to this type of coverage.

A comprehensive car insurance policy protects your car from any unforeseen event apart from just collision events.

• It is the highest level of protection for your car as it covers the damages caused to your own car during an accident (which the third-party insurance does not provide)
• If you are found to be at fault in the event of an accident, with comprehensive car insurance, you can claim for losses incurred
• It covers lawsuits, including legal fees because of an accident
• It gives the insured a financial protection
• Offers financial aid if the car is written off

Covers Theft and Vandalism
A comprehensive package policy will cover your loss if your car is stolen or vandalised. If your car is stolen, you need something to cover the loss. Let's say that you just bought a brand-new car on loan. As per the law, you have just the third-party coverage that does not have comprehensive coverage. If the car is stolen out of your driveway, just imagine the horror you can face. Even if you don’t have the car, you will still have to make huge monthly payments. However, comprehensive coverage is well worth for situations like this.

Gives Weather Protection
Comprehensive vehicle insurance covers your car from faulty and damaging weather conditions like flood damage or icy limbs falling on the car windshields and other weather occurrences.

Covers Animal Damage

If your car is involved in a car accident due to an animal, comprehensive insurance will cover the damages. For example, let's say that you're driving along a road and suddenly a cow comes in the middle of the road. To avoid collision with the cow, you turn your wheels, but in vain. If the car is damaged in such accidents, with comprehensive car insurance, your loss would be covered.

So, in short, the comprehensive vehicle insurance covers:
• Fire
• Theft
• Vandalism
• Damage to the third party
• Damage caused by animals
• Damage caused by natural disasters or severe weather
• Damage caused to insured’s vehicle by falling objects such as trees
• Damage or destruction of insured’s vehicle caused by an act of civil disturbance such as riot

Now that we have understood the importance of a comprehensive car insurance, you should definitely have one for your car. You can easily buy car insurance online with hundreds of options available. To know your premium payable, make use of car insurance premium calculator. With the help of a car insurance premium calculator, you can get the best quote for your vehicle insurance policy as it quickly helps one figure out the premium amount payable for the policy.

Here are some benefits of car insurance premium calculator:

• You get accurate figure of the premium amount that you need to pay for a selected policy
• You get the idea of how the premium rates change with a change in variables
• By helping you evaluate your insurance needs, it makes it easy to select the best policy for all the requirements
• It is an unbiased way of selecting the policy as you don’t have to be under the influence of an agent, and are free to make your own.


If you wish to pamper your car and give it maximum protection, choose the apt policy by using the car insurance premium calculator.

Although comprehensive car insurance offers more coverage than a third-party cover, some policies may not cover what you want. Always compare comprehensive car insurance quotes online to check what suits you best.

Buy comprehensive car insurance policy for your sake!

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