T-Hub, Hyderabad's flagship and India’s largest incubator has launched the country’s largest accelerator.

Applicants from across the world can apply through www.t-fund.co for India market access, market acceleration and to scale up business in India and globally, under this initiative.

The accelerator programme will be rolled out from February 2018 in two cohorts, with the second to be introduced by June. As part of this accelerator programme, in the first stage, the startups will get their products validated, followed by market and revenue validation. It will also evaluate the geographic strategy and distribution channels.

“We expect about 1,000 startups from across the world to apply to this programme and we will be choosing top 10 out of them. We are partnering with Colryut Group and Thundr Holding who will bring their expertise in distribution channels and access to capital. We are currently evaluating the right vehicle to bring in capital for the programme", told Jay Krishnan, CEO, T-Hub, to a local daily news portal.

T-Hub and the partners will evaluate the quality of startup applications and with the help of the internal algorithm, startups will be screened on multiple parameters. One of the key aspects will be what impact the startups will make in their respective fields.

Krishnan further informed, “We will primarily look at verticals/segments such as health tech, smart cities, transportation and fintech. In the coming years, we could also be focusing on machine learning, sustainability solutions and automotive space.” Representing the partners with T-Hub in this initiative, Hari Subramanyam, Colruyt Group, said, “Colryut has been operating in Hyderabad.

Notably, T-Fund is an early-stage venture fund from T-Hub focused on Smart Cities, HealthTech and Sustainability sectors. To maximize impact, capital from T- Fund and acceleration from T-Hub will provide startups with full-stack opportunities that will not just scale, but also help in building market-leading companies.

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