One of the problems faced by the city people for daily commuting is finding a ride that is easily available, affordable and quick to board. And when it comes to driver issues, bargaining and idle time are the two things that kill their productivity. 3 years ago, Jugnoo - an auto hailing app entered the market to solve the problem of commuting and increasing the efficiency of auto drivers. Today, establishing itself as the largest auto rickshaw aggregator and leading hyperlocal startup - Jugnoo is entering the NorthEastern part of the country and is ready to explore the hidden potential in the region.

In a meeting held between Prince Dhawan, DC Itanagar Capital Complex, Arunachal Pradesh, and Jugnoo, discussions were made to launch Jugnoo- a tech-integrated transport hailing app for providing easy auto rides to the people of Itanagar.

Currently, Jugnoo is operational in more than 30 cities across India with a focus on tier II and tier III cities where the distances are shorter and people rely more on public transport mode. Through Jugnoo app, people of Arunachal would be able to book their rides easily eliminating the constraints of time and place.

CEO & Founder of Jugnoo, Samar Singla comments, “Our plan is to build our network PAN India and at the same time change the mobility scene in the country. Arunachal Pradesh would be our first step towards the same in NorthEast where we want to solve the daily commuting problem of this region and at the same time increase the efficiency of the drivers”

The initial meeting was organized by the DC, to explain the idea of Jugnoo services to various transport federations. Jugnoo team demonstrated about how initiating Jugnoo rides in the city would eliminate the irregularities in the fare system and increase the number of rides per day serving both riders and drivers. DTO, Capital Complex, Remar Gab was also present to support the collaboration.

Even though the implementation of services is left entirely up to the discretion of auto drivers, for now, Dobing Sonam, President of AAPPTF has assured support and cooperation, requesting representatives of Jugnoo to set up an office in Itanagar.

The company is doing a through fieldwork in the area for delivering best services to the region.

Founded in 2014, Jugnoo is an on-demand hyper-local transport and logistics app that thrives on its expansive network of auto-rickshaws. Headquartered in Chandigarh, Jugnoo was launched to bring structure to a highly unorganized sector of auto-rickshaws - a predominant mode of public transportation in tier II and tier III cities of India. Over the past three years, Jugnoo has evolved in terms of its business operations, technological advancements, and diversifying service offerings via different business verticals. Jugnoo has ventured into different verticals of on-demand and hyper-local space in B2B & B2C domains. Currently, it has two major verticals - Rides and Deliveries. With its market presence in more than 35 cities in India and a userbase of 4.3 million registered users, Jugnoo is a go-to platform for all the hyperlocal needs of its customers.

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