Revvx Hardware/IOT Accelerator has entered a strategic partnership with Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) to enable Corporations and Startups in Asia access to Silicon Valley thought leadership and consulting expertise.

Revvx Hardware/IOT Accelerator supports Hardware startups through prototyping and manufacturing of Innovative consumer electronics and connected devices and drives the NASSCOM Corporate Accelerator Program (NCAP) to catalyze Corporate Innovation. Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) is a strategic advisor to businesses on corporate innovation and runs a series of unique executive education programs in Silicon Valley.

“The race for deep tech innovation has definitively started and a slice of this evolution is already on the store fronts and customer experiences in different parts of the world. To succeed in this new high-velocity world, businesses not only need to respond to these signals far more dynamically, but also use them to anticipate and predict future trends” said Avinash Kaushik, Founder and CEO of Revvx Hardware Accelerator. “It is increasingly important for corporations and startups to connect with innovators across the globe to stay fully up to speed. Silicon Valley startup ecosystem captures about one third of all startup investment activity in the world and is the first-choice destination to understand the future of industries.”

The objective of Revvx strategic alliance with SVIC is to provide Corporations and Startups in Asia the most accurate understanding and access to the ongoing industry disruptions already visible in Silicon Valley.

“It is not only the transportation sector where self-driving cars are challenging the whole car ownership model or energy sector where the cost of electricity from solar panels in developed countries is now same as from fossil fuels - every industry is going to be disrupted in the very near future,” said Andy Zhulenev, Vice President, Corporate Innovation Services at SVIC. “We are at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution and emerging technologies are entering our lives at ever accelerating speeds. Not only the life-span of products is getting shorter and shorter, we see how whole industries are dying and new industries emerging every year.”

The SVIC organizes comprehensive executive educational programs in form of webinars, immersion programs and conferences. These events provide a unique opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends directly from the Silicon Valley insiders.

Revvx and SVIC will also jointly conduct an Annual flagship event centered around visits to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Silicon Valley in the USA in January 2018.

In the times when literally every device is turning into a smart device, the CES is the best destination to learn about the convergence of devices, data and cloud. Manufacturers from different industries and startups are demonstrating their latest innovations in IoT, wearable devices, connected cars and home entertainment. The four days at CES will not only give an exciting experience with the latest gadgets but also make apparent the fundamental evolution of the physical world into increasingly digital world of connected devices with built in artificial intelligence.

The visit to Silicon Valley will allow participating executives to look inside the companies working with emerging technologies, creating these innovative products and challenging traditional industries with new business models. Participants will understand the full breadth of emerging technologies and how they impact various industries, learn about the key principles of innovation culture, and study the best practices in corporate innovation from leading corporations who already embraced this rapid rate of change.

In April, Revvx Hardware/IOT Accelerator expanded its footprint to cater to North Karnataka Innovations to support early-stage companies advancing applications in Internet of things (IoT), AI, sensors and robotics, with potential to develop and commercialize through its office in Hubli.

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