Zenatix, an AI-based energy efficiency company, announced the launch of WattMan Lite, a revolutionary IoT product tailor-made for controlling stand-alone ACs over the internet. WattMan Lite does more than automated control, it monitors temperature and humidity in real time and uses machine learning algorithms to raise alerts in advance if an AC needs servicing. The product is targeted at SMEs, schools, colleges, retail outlets, offices, pharmacy chains, etc, that need to manage large number of ACs and save electricity.

Each AC would be connected with a WattMan Lite controlling it over infrared (the same way the remote controls the AC). WattMan Lite, for a customer, gets connected to a central server through wi-fi and is accessible through an app to set schedules (switch On/ Off, set temperature, set AC mode or change swing) for automated control. This ensures that ACs run only when required and with optimal temperature settings which results in lower electricity bills and better customer experience at the same time.

Vishal Bansal, Co-founder & COO, Zenatix, says, “We at Zenatix are committed to finding innovative ways of saving electricity, thereby reducing carbon footprint. WattMan Lite is a simple IoT device that uses machine learning to enable energy savings up to 30%.”

WattMan Lite can be used by small and large consumers of electricity that have ACs over multiple locations. It helps in cases when ACs keep running unnecessarily during either non-working hours or when the weather is good (and simply running the AC in fan mode for circulation is efficient as well as will save energy). Moreover the staff may set the temperature too high or too low resulting in bad customer experience.

Available at an attractive price range for enterprises, this simple plug-n-play device will be marketed through channel partners, system integrators and AMC providers. There is also an interest for WattMan Lite from channel partners in South East Asia where AC is required across all 12 months due to the weather conditions.

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