Congress' so-called knight in shining armour vice president Rahul Gandhi is all set to fly to United States next week where he is most likely to share his viewpoints on Artificial Intelligence (AI), the intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or other animals.

According to party sources, the party scion, who just returned from Norway after meeting leaders in the field of biotechnology, is getting ready for another abroad visit, this time to US's technology hub, Silicon Valley. His main aim behind the visit, is to expand his knowledge about artificial intelligence.

After meeting AI tech experts in the area, Gandhi is then most likely to give a lecture on Artificial Intelligence all by himself on September 11.

The Indian politician who is currently serving as Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Amethi, Uttar Pradesh wants to increase his learning in AI as he feels it is going to be the next big thing after software development. He wants India to explore this tech and achieve the same success it has won globally for its expertise in software development.

While AI is currently still in its infancy stage in India, countries like China and US have been investing in the tech left and right as the realise the huge potential the technology holds. Gandhi wants India to catch on to the trend and not be left behind in yet another global phenomenon.

Sam Pitroda, a technology innovator and chairman of Overseas Congress is the man who's making Gandhi's Silicon Valley trip happen. Pitroda, who was among those responsible for bringing telecom revolution in the Indian subcontinent was brought back to India by Rahul's father and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Congress' entire idea behind sending Gandhi to the Silicon Valley is to bring back knowledge and then implement it at the policy level in the party's vision documents.

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