Right2Vote Infotech Private limited has built the world's first mobile verified voting platform. The platform allows citizens to vote directly from mobile from anywhere. The voter need not travel to the booth or stand in a queue.

Right2Vote has several technologies for verifying the voter while remote voting. In India, we are using Aadhaar based real time authentication which includes both Mobile One Time Password (OTP) based authentication and also Finger print and Iris scan based authentication. For international markets Right2Vote is offering Mobile OTP based authentication as used in Mobile Banking.

Right2Vote is using cutting edge technology and have filed several patents. Key advantages of Right2Vote's technology are:

1. Voting percentage increases substantially as voter is able to vote from anywhere. Sections of society like NRI, soldiers, doctors, migrants who are not able to participate in a booth based voting are able to participate with mobile voting.

2. Cost, time and effort required in management of election is reduced by minimum 90%. Result calculation is automatic and available in real time. There is no need to set up booths or man it with officials and security. No logistics of ballot papers and boxes required.

3. Mobile voting is minimum 10 times more secure than booth based voting due to use of encryption and Aadhaar based authentication. Mobile voting does not suffer with problems like booth capturing, counting frauds, identity theft etc.

4. Several proprietary features and technologies are present in Right2Vote platform. for example, Right2Vote is offering secret ballot facility with Audit trail feature. Considering recent questions raised by several political parties about EVM machines, audit trail facility becomes very important. Other unique features include dynamic nomination, real time alerts and reminders, geo-tagging, geo-fencing.

Right2Vote is looking to target international markets like SAARC countries like Afghanistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka. These countries always look forward towards India to share know how relating to election management and Right2Vote can help them solve lot of problems relating to remote geographies and sabotage.

Right2Vote is also targeting countries like Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Iceland, Canada, USA and Mexico. These countries are already looking to be pioneers in internet voting and Right2Vote would like to offer its mobile technology platform for better election management.

On the home front, Right2Vote is in advanced talks for doing pilot with Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh Election commission. It is also in talks with Haryana and Tamil Nadu election commission. Right2Vote has also approached Election Commission of India and Government of India to use the platform to provide Right2Vote to Soldiers and NRIs. BJP recently approached election commission of India and requested to provide eVoting to soldiers during the upcoming Himachal Pradesh election later this year. This would be a first for India and would pave the way for 100% mobile based voting.

Right2Vote also offers its platform for voting in corporates, professional bodies, clubs, cooperatives and colleges. Even smaller organizations can use the platform. To let people explore and experience the platform, Right2Vote right now is not charging for small polls with limited features. Users can just download the app from app store and start their own poll.

Image: Neeraj Gutgutia, founder of Right2Vote 

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