The community of early stage startup, Startups Club (SC) has launched SC Incurator (SCIN) which aims to incubate, invest in and accelerate early-stage companies.

Startups Club brings for the first time in India, a perfect mix of community and investment through our Incubation program, supporting 0 to 5-year-old startups and entrepreneurs from across Industries. According the website, this program is designed keeping in mind the various challenges our entrepreneurs face post funding.

India is not a consumerist market and therefore it is important to be a little patient to achieve growth. With this in mind, Startup Club has created a 12-month program, called ‘Startups Club's Incurator’. “We believe we can deliver the best of both worlds, which is to incubate and accelerate. This program is open only to our Members from across cities,” informed the website.

Planning To Apply For The Program? This Is What You Need To Have

First of all, you need to be an ‘early stage’ startup that is operating for less than five years, with a valuation below Rs.10 crores ($1-2 million). SCIN aims to ‘incurate’ an initial group of up-to 10 startups per year, across multiple industries in India and has plans of growing this number in the coming years. Secondly, you need to be a member of Startup Club.

The Incurator has already selected four startups for its 12-month program. Here is the brief about them.

Vicara: Startup is building human augmentation (including gesture recognition) technologies and solutions in order to make human interactions with computers more natural and efficient.

Renaura – Renaura Wellness was established in 2015 with an aim to develop solutions in the beauty, personal care, and wellness domains. Started with a vision to develop advanced products Renaura has been involved in active research and development of targeted products that solve specific problems for consumers in various parts of the world. In simple words, it researches and develops a revolutionary approach to personal care products that target India-specific challenges.

Grabbngo – Founded in June 2016, GrabbnGo enables drivethrus at restaurants without any infrastructure costs as users get their orders in their vehicles as they drive past. It has developed an intelligent technology platform that enables enhanced retail solutions and services to customers through the integration of seamless product pick-up and delivery services from retail outlets.

Foxity – It is a technology platform focused on enabling engagement between night-life entertainment venues and their customers through an enhanced experience for discerning users.

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