Customers are at the heart of every business. Happy customers equals a successful business. This is what Kannur-based Articbot is helping businesses achieve. The startup provides enterprises with artificial deep learning virtual assistant chatbot.

The chatbot, which uses machine learning together with deep knowledge for smart and intelligent customer engagement, is a new and smart way to produce automated assistance to customers. It offers both conversational and text based self service experience.

According to the startup, Articbot is the first ever virtual assistant chatbot which can understand 100+ language for customer support. They also claim that one of the important competitive advantage that Articbot as a chatbot has over other chatbot's like etc. is that, Articbot comes with a pre trained industry knowledge and is the first chatbot in the market to even understand short and casual word responses from customers.

In order to ensure that the chatbot fits into the particular requirements of every business, the startup allows businesses to customise their articbot virtual agent. The customisation process is quite simple, too. One doesn’t require a super coding or machine learning experience to configure a virtual chatbot agent to one's own business, one just simply has to copy to the existing website code and start configuring from the articbot dashboard.

The chatbot has been designed and developed with its very own artificial semantic brain, which consists of several core section and libraries that analyse word by word in a customer query through deep semantic engine so any typing error or short words doesn’t make a difference. The startup has take into account most of the common questions that the customers usually ask and has trained it to treat a customer well, including a welcome message similar to the way a human agent will do.

[caption id="attachment_121362" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Founders - Articbot[/caption]

According to Rahul VP and Rijin Ramesh, the founders of Articbot, they decided to make an enterprise chatbot of their own when they found out that many companies face challenges when it comes to customer support. This particular thing not only seriously hampers their business' numbers, but it also tarnishes their reputation as customers are not satisfied when they do not get prompt support at their moment of need.

Though Rahul and Rijin started Articbot in January this year, they have known each other for last eight years. They both completed their BE from VMU salem in 2012 as classmates. After graduating, Rahul worked for a Bangalore based MNC, which he quite after sometime to join Rijin to work together in NIIT technologies.

The startup, which is currently unfunded, sells Articbot as a software as a service(Product) a web based product. It is available in subscription based varied form a free version to Premium version. According to statistics available from the startup, within just 1 full month operation, Articbot had managed to acquire 15 B2B customers, a figure it is planning to increase to 100 customers by year end.

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