Starting a new business is a lot of work. An entrepreneur has to perfect a lot of verticals in order to get the business going. A small mistake and the whole cookie can crumble. In order to make it easy for entrepreneurs starting on this new journey, tech giant Google has come up a new platform called Startup with Google.

With one platform, Google has given the startup community proven tools, best practices, and access to a community of mentorship and support to budding entrepreneurs who are still trying to figure out how to get the ball rolling.

The platform comes with 39 practical tools that are required for starting up classified into categories like Build a Product, Increase Productivity, Get Insights and Analytics, Monetize your Products, and many more. Some of the tools provided by the search giant include Webmaster Guide, AdMob, G Suite, Data Studio, Google Trends and Firebase.

Not only tools, the website also comes with advices and best practices for leading a successful startup. If you’re an entrepreneur gearing to start a new venture, you’ll find topics like Hire the Right People, Lead a Team, Raise Funds and Understand Your Customers. These topics come with videos and recommendations for developing successful teams and organisations.

Considering it still takes a village to get the work done, the site also has a community tab that ensures sure short success. The tab provides an extensive list of accelerator programs, co-working spaces and events that any startup in the nascent stage of its growth can turn to for support.

So, while starting up a business is still a task, Google just provided budding entrepreneurs ammunition to fight the initial roadblocks that many face on their way up.

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