Always wanted to make some music, but didn't have a musical background to make it happen? Well, now you can, all thanks to the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Meet Amper, an artificial intelligence composer, performer and producer that will come to your aid.

Don't believe us, give the first album made using the Amper platform a listen and you will understand what we mean. The album in spotlight here is, ‘I AM AI,’ a collaboration with pop singer Taryn Southern who provided parameters for Amper to work with.

According to Amper Music CEO Drew Silverstein, anyone and everyone with a dream to create music can use the Amper platform even if they don't have any musical background whatsoever. So, yeah, that means, you and I can create music, too.

Talking to FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on Mornings with Maria, Silverstein said, “Amper’s designed to allow anyone around the world to be able to express themselves creatively through music regardless of their musical ability.”

The platform is fairly easy to use. All it takes is three easy steps to create your own original music. First, you start by selecting a mood, style, and length. The second step involves you customising your aforementioned selections with easy-to-use editing functionality. The third and final step involves you click on the option "Render," and voila, in seconds, your original composition is created and broadcast-ready.

Though professionals can get very deep into the technology, there are three basics the users need to start with. According to Silverstein, “At a minimum, you need to know three things, the style of music you want to create, the mood you want to convey and the length of any desired track.”

Amper is the result of hard work of a team of professional musicians and technology experts. It was created using $4 million in funding raised by film composer Drew Silverstein and colleagues Sam Estes and Michael Hobe. The main aim of the creators was to give birth to an affordable and royalty-free way of providing music for small budget creative projects.

As of today, the cloud-based platform right is available absolutely free to the public using it for their personal use, but people can also negotiate license agreements for commercial use.

The above news content was first updated at Fox Business.

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