With the festive season just around the corner, India's numero uno ecommerce company, Flipkart is adamant on ensuring that people get their gifts in perfect condition, right on time. The homegrown ecommerce firm aims to do this by an innovative ‘anti-theft packaging’ solution it has built to deliver the parcels securely to its customers across the country.

Speaking to The Hindu in a telephonic interview, Flipkart's senior director Satyam Choudhary said, “We are starting with high value products (like mobile phones) but our goal is to expand it to all the items."

Currently in its tenth year of operation, Flipkart is working hard to get even a larger share of the $30 billion Indian e-commerce market. The company, which currently enjoys a customer base of 100 million users, plans on increasing the number to 500 million customers in the coming years.

Flipkart is planning on holding its flagship ‘Big Billion Days’ sale from 20-24 September. The ‘anti-theft packaging’ solution incorporates special security features in shipment, which are 100 per cent tamper-proof and tamper-evident. It is currently awaiting patent grant.

Recent years have seen several ecommerce firms facing flak from their customers for delivering damaged goods or delivering rocks, empty packages instead of the products that they ordered online. The frequency of these incidents had some people question the very concept of online shopping.

According to Mr. Choudhary, "The real impact we are looking is to increase the trust so that more consumers shop online."

 Flipkart anti-theft packaging

Flipkart is confident that the shipments packed in its new ‘anti-theft packaging’ would take take substantial amount of resources, information, time and techniques to re-open and re-seal to ensure the original form of shipment. This will make the tasks of evil-doers a lot more difficult. In addition to this, the tamper-evident feature ensures that in case a package is tampered with, the next supply chain person or customer can easily detect the inconsistency and not accept the package.

The anti-theft special boxes will also come with a few unique additional features such as inside flap interlocking, single quarter opening area, hidden notches in the corners and seal by shipping label. In order to ensure there's no duplication or reprinting of the label, the shipping label will also come enabled with special security features.

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