GamingMonk, a pioneering eSports gaming company in India has recently joined hands with AdvantEdge and raised funds to launch its subscription based eSports portal. GamingMonk started out as an E-commerce marketplace to sell consoles, gaming titles and other gaming accessories, but had pivoted last year to become India’s largest offline eSports competitive event organizer.

As an eSports company, GamingMonk has become India’s largest player having organized over 40 offline competitive tournaments across the country with over 15,000 participants. They have partnered with leading global brands such as Sony, Microsoft, HP, Amazon, Nvidia and Mountain Dew.

With the recent fund infusion from AdvantEdge, the company launched India’s first online subscription based eSports platform and is hosting regular tournaments for FIFA, CS-GO, DOTA2, Clash Royale, Rocket League, amongst others. The platform caters to the Indian online gaming industry expected to reach $1 billion by 2012 with 310 million gamers.

Speaking on the occasion, Abhay Sharma, Co-founder of GamingMonk said, “We have a customer base of over twenty thousand active gamers consisting of mostly students and young professionals. These gamers usually engage in gaming for its competitive nature and social interaction, something our offline events cater to. We have partnered with AdvantEdge to bring this same competitive spirit online and reduce the geographic barriers for the gamers and allow them to compete for cash prizes and pro points.” The company has launched the GamingMonk Championship Series and is targeting over 60,000 participants across 65 offline tournaments in six cities and 435 events online in the coming year.

Kunal Khattar, Partner at AdvantEdge said “Having established itself as the leading offline eSports brand, GamingMonk continues to lead the revolution with the launch of its ePortal, allowing millennia’s to play competitively from the comfort of their homes. The team has deep insights of the customer segment and tremendous brand recognition within the gamer community and we look forward to working with them to unlock the full potential of eSports in India.”

Moving forward, GamingMonk hints at a disruptive eSports league model currently under development, which is being built on top of the operational offline and online platforms that is already India’s largest active gaming community. The planned league has big names from bollywood, cricketers and the gaming industry looking to come on board.

When asked the future plans for GamingMonk, Ashwin Haryani the Co-Founder had this to say, “We are already getting significant inbound interest for our next round of funding and are also in discussions with some strategic players both here in India and overseas. A big announcement is expected towards the end of this year.”

The next few months will lay down a pedestal for the Indian eSports industry, redefining it from scratch as a globally recognized eSports League. And GamingMonk already has a significant head start over others and will continue to build out on the platform by continuing to be true to the gamers that constitute their core customer base.

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