Click Labs, the company behind hyperlocal on-demand startup Jugnoo announced the launch of its latest offering, Kato. It is a powerful Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Platform for businesses which enables users to access business analytics from various sources on a single dashboard.

With its two prime offerings into AI (Artificial Intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence), Kato provides pre-built plug and play platforms for businesses. AI understands the existing business use case, analyses and comprehends the data based on pre-defined algorithms and makes informed decisions. BI offering includes setting up analytics driven custom dashboards built on a base platform IP to address client specific requirements. It ensures seamless integration with third party software; and helps in forecasting and setting up various business trends.The product assures a turnaround time of 2-3 weeks which makes it one of the fastest in the services market.

Some of the key features of Kato include

  1. Real-time data with AI

  2. Key performance indicators

  3. In-depth data analysis to give business insights

These features help in Dynamic Pricing, Route optimization, Spatial Analytics and Predictive Analytics. Additionally, Kato aims to provide a niche offering in the AI and BI software space by creating a single marketplace for various AI modules that address specific use cases, leveraging open source software tools, and changing the consumption model of Analytics.

Speaking on the launch, Samar Singla- CEO, Click Labs said, "Kato is unique because we are innovating in distribution of technology by integrating AI, and bringing it to all types of businesses so they can make decisions powered by in-depth data analysis."

Click Labs, at its core, is a profitable SaaS based technology service provider catering to entrepreneurs and SMBs to maximize mobile ROI by creating mobile app based platforms. It is one of the prominent players in on-demand economy space, providing iOS and android based applications, and SaaS platforms. With 300 platforms that handle more than 1 million transactions a day, Click Labs is providing solutions for enterprises and backend software development for the internet of things.

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