After verified Twitter handles, Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, it is now time to welcome verified WhatsApp profiles. Seeing the huge way in which the app is being utilised by businesses all around the world, the Facebook-owned messaging service has now started the process of verifying verifying business accounts. Not only this, the app, which boosts of having over 1 billion users, is also planning on soon launching a standalone app for corporations to chat with customers. The information was uncovered from a recently posted page hidden in WhatsApp's support website and a thorough analysis of the app's code.

The support page, "Verified Business Accounts," the messaging service shares that it has now started verifying business accounts and how each of the verified WhatsApp profile will have a green checkmark right next to their username. The verification will testify that the particular account and number officially belongs to a business.

The page reads, "WhatsApp is exploring ways for you to communicate with the businesses that matter to you." For now, the business verification feature is only available to a small number of users who have been selected to participate in a pilot program.

The business account verification feature isn't the only thing new in WhatsApp's kitty. According to a code analysis carried out by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp seems to be separately also working on creating a standalone app for corporate users. Considering WABetaInfo's excellent record of uncovering upcoming WhatsApp features in the past, we can't take this rumour lightly.

The standalone app, which is apparently already live, is only working on Android phones for now. Evidence retrieved from the code for the original WhatsApp app hints that businesses will be able to utilise new app to send automated customer support messages like they are currently able to do with Facebook Messenger. Since there's no official word from WhatsApp/Facebook, there's not much information available about the app's features and how exactly will it be adding value to businesses.

WhatsApp has a number of exciting things lined up for India, its largest market. The messaging app, which hit 200 million monthly active users in India this February, is planning to launch peer-to-peer payments in India considering the rise of digital payments in the country post the demonetisation surprise sprung upon the citizens last year by the government.

The low-cost customer acquisition tool has proved to be a great promotion tool in India. A living example of the success of the WhatsApp promotion trend is digital health start-up 1mg. Within just two years of its launch, the startup has garnered over 200 million users in India and more than 9 million downloads for its app, which helps users in researching prescription drugs and finding the lowest price possible. The best part of 1mg's success is that its founder Prashant Tandon has not spent a penny promoting his business and all these applaud worthy numbers are courtesy WhatsApp promotion (Read Here).

In fact, there's also a wave promoting that after BPOs, it is now time to make way for WPO-WhatsApp Process Outsourcing, in India.

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