Communication plays a fundamental role in all facets of business. You might be the brightest mind on the planet but if you don't know how to effectively communicate your bright ideas across the table, you will always lag behind someone who has the craft mastered. Making people understand the importance of communication in the business world is BeNative, a popular South Korean edtech startup that provides e-learning services.

The startup, which is considered as the number 1 English-learning service in Asia, recently revealed its plans to enter the Indian subcontinent to provide business communication skills, in English and Chinese.

The South Korean company claims that they are already in touch with a number of Indian universities and institutes who are interested in utilising the company's services in helping their students understand the right business/technical English so that they are able to more freely communicate themselves in the global markets.

Founded by Alan Moonsoo Kim, BeNative specializes in teaching English the natural way. Its expert language analysts develop lessons based on real English situations. From beginner to professional busines English, they have over 375 exclusive lessons and courses to help people perfect their spoken as well as written English.

In order to make the process fun and easier, they have video lessons, quizzes, and audio examples that break-down the most important concepts, one step at a time. According to the company, its services are being used by big giants like Samsung, LG, and over 2000 other companies and universities all around the world.

In a statement to The Hindu, Alan Moonsoo Kim, who has over 15 years of experience working in the online education industry said, "Any student, if given the right kind of inspiration, learning path and sufficient exposure to the opportunities available, will certainly be able to realise his/her potential. Our mission is to provide such inspiration, learning and exposure to millions of students by closing the gap between their skills and industry needs."

Shruti Kaul, Director at BeNative revealed the reason behind her company's interest in India and said, "South Asian countries and particularly India is to-day ready to take a more meaningful position in the global markets and to expedite this process their communication skills particularly in their specialised field need polishing to enable them express forcefully."

According to her, BeNative has taken the responsibility of bridging the communications gap and truly make this world a global village.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, users get access to all app content for free, while also being rewarded with weekly cash prizes generated from video ads. This means, it's now time to get learning to get rewarded in India.

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