Whenever an Indian or an Indian company garners an international recognition, it is a moment of immense pride for the entire nation. Chandigarh-based Freiden Electric recently gave one such joyous occasion to the entire Indian startup ecosystem. The PEC University of Technology startup has won a whopping Rs 10 lakh in prize money at an international competition conducted by the Chile government, according to an article in The Tribune.

Founded by PEC students, Satinder Sandhu and Jasmeet Randhawa, Freiden Electric works on a technology widely appreciated abroad called Aeroponics, which means growing plants without soil and saving upto 98% water when compared to traditional farming methods. Last year, the startup had won the first prize at IGNITE, a startup competition organised by PEC’s Entrepreneurship and Incubation Cell.

The founders built the startup's first prototypes as part of a college project, but witnessing plants grow in their system at faster speeds made them realise the potential of the technology and they decided to pursue it further beyond the binds of a college assignment. Since then, the team has spent numerable hours at R&D to find what works and what doesn’t. They started by selling the developed prototypes by going door to door in their neighbourhood but are now focusing their attention on getting in touch with farmers and developing farming solutions for them centred around the technology.

Since Aeroponics as a technological aspect is relatively new to the Indian Market, there are very few startups working with it. Further, a majority of startups that are working with deal with high end restaurants and direct sales to the grocery stores online and offline as well. But, Freiden Electric aims to focus on farmers of the country and ensure them high yield. Their mission is to reach out to small Indian farmers who own small piece of land and help them in making optimum use with minimum initial set up cost to revolutionise the sustainable farming techniques in India.

“Our system consumes 80 per cent less water as compared to the traditional farming and absolutely zero insecticides or pesticides,” said Jasmeet Randhawa, co-founder of Frieden Electric to The Tribune.

The startup believes that their usage of Aeroponics can significantly benefit Indian farmers as most of them are in deep debt due to inefficient farming practices currently prevailing int the country.

As a participant of 'Start-up Chile’, the Freiden Electric team will get to be part of a learning entrepreneurial experience and rub shoulders with other like-minded entrepreneurs from all around the globe. They will also be receiving a grant of $15,000 and one-year Chile residency visa along with an access to a co-working space in Santiago.

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