As a business, reputation is everything. One small mistake is all it takes to tarnish an image a brand has laboured for years to build. Counterfeit goods are becoming a massive worldwide problem with nearly every high-valued physical product being affected by the issue. This is where an Artificial Intelligence system developed by Indian-origin researchers is coming to big businesses rescue and saving them big bucks.

Commercialised by New York University startup Entrupy, the new system that makes use of AI algorithms and a smartphone app is capable of instantly differentiating a fake product from a genuine one.

Founded by Ashlesh Sharma and Vidyuth Srinivasan, Entrupy's team has 8 Degrees (including 2 Ph.Ds), decades of work experience, 4 patents, and thousands of hours of research and testing in between them.

The system, which is being presented today at the annual KDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, makes use of a dataset of three million images across various objects and materials such as toys, shoes, fabrics, leather, pills and electronics to distinguish the real from fake.

According to Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, Professor at New York University and Entrupy's Chief Scientist, the AI system's classification accuracy is more than 98 per cent, and it is capable of working with a mobile phone to verify the authenticity of everyday objects.


In order to find out the authenticity of a product, one needs to place the device directly on it, open Entrupy's app on their tablet or smartphone, and meticulously follow the app's directions. The Entrupy device takes microscopic photographs of different areas of an item and runs them through a computer that uses proprietary algorithms. The results are made available in real-time.

While there are several other counterfeit-detection in the market, a majority of them are really invasive and pose a risk of damaging the expensive products when being examined. However, Entrupy's method is completely non-intrusive and ensures that the product doesn't get hampered during the examination process.

Entrupy's main aim as a startup is to once again enable trust in high-value goods transactions by providing on-demand authentication solutions to every business.

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