Flipkart, which is considered as the most successful Indian startup till date, has acquired a unique status in the $30 billion Indian e-commerce market. The company, which is currently in its tenth year of operation and enjoys a customer base of 100 million users has built the reputation of being an Indian e-commerce major by being customer centric and providing them with stupendous discounts and offers year after year. However, according to a latest news piece on newsient.com, the Indian unicorn might not to be as customer loyal as it has projected itself to be over the years.

According to an article on the website, the e-commerce giant might be leaking consumer data betraying the trust of its millions of customers. The website has based the allegation on the basis of proof furnished by a Gujarat-based Flipkart user who has been using the Gmail easter egg that allows users to make multiple email addresses out of one e-mail address. According to him, he uses these e-mail addresses only for Flipkart accounts and for no other online service/account. However, he recently noticed that the inbox of the e-mail ids he uses for Flipkart shopping have been bombarded with mails from a spammer. This means, Flipkart users, your address, phone number, as well as card details could all potentially be at risk.

One of the spammy emails sent on the ids is by a website offering people Jio Phone absolutely free of cost. Here’s the spam link in the email:


If one clicks on the aforementioned link, they will get redirecting to a website called Discountwalas. One look at the website and one can sense that the website is for sure not legit and is laced with click-baity content to tempt people to click on their pages and increase their page views.

If we believe what the user is saying, then this means Flipkart has an urgent matter to tend to as we know customer loyal lost once, takes years to rebuild.

The e-commerce major needs to interrogate if some employee of Flipkart is selling its customers private information to a third party, or the Flipkart database has been hacked. One cannot rule out that Flipkart might itself be selling the information though there hasn't been any concrete poof of the same.

The user has tried getting in touch with Flipkart multiple times but the giant has so far chosen not to reply or react on the matter. But, Flipkart needs to understand that keeping mum on the matter is only going to make things worse for them and make them look like a culprit in the eyes of its customers. If Flipkart wants to retain its numero uno e-commerce crown and not lose the battle to American e-commerce giant Amazon, the homegrown e-commerce company will have to do some damage control and win back customer support before they lose all of it.

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