EasyGov, provides advanced Cloud services to improve efficiency, transparency and effectiveness in delivery of Government welfare schemes and services, have announced today a successful Angel round for an undisclosed amount from Tata trust initiative (Lead Investor), Rajan Anandan, Rajeev Ahuja (Navayuga Group), Kshitij Arora and other investors on LetsVenture. EasyGov and its team were supported by legal advisors KMNP Law.

EasyGov is an advanced Cloud solution to enable citizen self-services for availing Government of India schemes and services. EasyGov provides citizens complete information to facilitate them to get their entitlement/ rights available from Government of India. The startup has captured the interest and admiration of multiple policy makers and government arms who are keen on integrating and developing government services to be more accessible and effectual. Recently the CEO of NITI AYOG, Mr. Amitabh Kant met and discussed with EasyGov it’s current and potential future services for the citizens of India and appreciated as well as valued the work that was being accomplished by the same.

“There are some ideas that simply apply to a Billion Indians. This one does! What EasyGov is solving, is a tough, complex problem. I am very impressed with the team's deep domain expertise and tech chops. Very excited about EasyGov and the team has my full support. Let's solve for a Billion!” said Rajan Anandan, Vice President and Managing Director Google India and South East Asia and investor in the round.

“EasyGov leverages technology to simplify and automate the delivery of govt services to citizens. The company is making a significant, positive impact on how citizens interact with the govt and avail welfare schemes. By integrating analytics and the Aadhar stack, it is also bringing transparency to the process and truly empowering the citizens of India. I congratulate Amit and the EasyGov team for the great work they are doing, and am very excited to be part of their journey” said Shanti Mohan, Founder and CEO of LetsVenture.

Amit Shukla, Founder, EasyGov believes in empowering and developing India to greater heights with the motto of Empowering citizen and delivering convenience. The company has recently developed an Aadhar stack based Entitlement Engine that will help any family check all possible benefits they can get from various welfare schemes offered to them not only by the Centre but also the State Governments and NGOs. The firm has not just automated, it has simplified Government services delivery using advanced Aadhar stack and IT analytics. EasyGov can launch any G2C services or scheme in few clicks and has processed over 10K service request in the last 12 months in National Capital Region (“NCR”) alone. It has done over Rs. 25 Lacs revenue in last Financial Year with over 20+ services available in NCR alone. EasyGov is currently in talks with various Government institutions and service providers for offering services on cloud.

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