Figuring out ways to remain relevant in today's depressing job market in the Indian subcontinent? You might want to give artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning a try. According to recent findings by KellyOCG India, a talent management solutions provider, the demand for AI and machine learning specialists in India is going to see an overwhelming increase by next year.

The company, which claims to be leading provider of global talent management solutions with regional capabilities, enabling clients to unlock strategic value by aligning talent strategy to business strategy, has predicted that the country is going to see a whopping 60 per cent rise for specialists in the AI and machine learning field by 2018. The study also revealed that this steep rise in demand is fuelled by the country's increasing adoption of automation.

The KellyOCG India report is in resonance with a recent survey done by Simplilearn on the changing scenario of IT jobs in the country. In the survey report titled How Automation is Changing Work Choices: The Future of IT Jobs in India, the company found out that the future of IT lies in Artificial Intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things) Architect, Cloud Architect, Cyber Security, Big Data and Data Science, Big Data Architect and Big Data Engineer as these job profiles will be high in demand in the near future.

Speaking to PTI, Francis Padamadan, director, KellyOCG India said although India is witnessing an upward trend in AI and machine adoption, but unfortunately there is negligible talent present in the country who expertise in technologies like neutral networks and deep learning.

When it comes to monies, the average salary of AI professionals in the Indian subcontinent is quite handsome compared to other tech fields. According to Padamadan, an AI professional having a 2-4 years experience can fetch an annual salary of anywhere between Rs15-20 lacs, while a person having 4-8 years experience can get Rs20-50 lacs per annum and a person having 8-15 years AI experience can command anywhere between the Rs50 lacs to Rs 1 crore per annum bracket.

According to KellyOCG India, the top five locations to fetch best AI and machine learning talent in the country are: Bengaluru, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. The company also revealed that in the near future, we would see an exponential rise in AI and machine learning talent demand from industries like retail, IT, ecommerce, BFSI, healthcare and manufacturing.

Padamadan in his interview with PTI also highlighted that HR managers and talent acquisition professionals oversee AI roles evolving into more broader and strategic productivity management roles in the coming years. He also revealed that AI all around the world is currently experiencing the acquihiring trend to attract the best talent to the boat.

For the uninitiated, Acquihiring is a process wherein a company is acquired by another company primarily for its staff, rather than for its services or products.

So, if you were contemplating a sure short way to job security and wealth in the coming few years, AI and machine learning is the space to focus, at least when it comes to India.

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