Software giant Infosys has proven that innovation and India can go very well together. The company recently unveiled its very own self-driving vehicle, a ‘driverless’ cart. The vehicle, which has been indigenously developed by the Bengaluru headquartered MNC at its Mysore centre, was showcased by
Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka at a recent media briefing.

The company aims to use the autonomous cart, which is equipped with sensors that sense its environment, for training its employees on new emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. It is capable of navigating without human assistance and comes with advanced control systems that helps these vehicles in identifying navigation paths as well road obstacles, signage etc.

In a recent tweet, Sikka said:

Talking more about the cart at the media briefing, “I drove here to this venue in our own indigenously— built autonomous golf cart. This is a test bed that we have built to train thousands of engineers on autonomous driving technology as we renew our existing services on the basis of these dual forces of automation and innovation."

According to Sikka, this new development demonstrates his company's efforts towards focusing on new areas of services and software. At the press briefing, Sikka also divulged that over 10 per cent of the company’s total revenue has come from these new products and services in Q1 2017.

According to Sikka, the cart is a symbol of cutting- edge technology and a proof that India has what it takes to build transformative technologies right on its home ground.

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