Google Glass is back, and this time it is bigger and better. From the very first time that the product made it into the market, tech experts quarrelled that the product had much more application as an enterprise-focused product rather than being meant for the masses. And now, the global tech giant has taken that suggestion and given us a reboot of the glasses called Glass Enterprise Edition (GEE).

Unveiled to the world by Google's "moonshot" branch, the new GEE comes with an updated camera module that increases resolution from 5 megapixels to 8. It further has improved Wi-Fi speeds, an indicator for video recording and a longer battery life for smoother operation for longer hours. The one major change that Google has succeeded in bringing in GEE is that it has decoupled the new model entirely from integrated frames. This means, the Glass can now function easily with all kinds of existing eyewear, including the industrial safety glasses typically used by workers in enterprises.

Two years ago in 2015, the tech giant took everyone by surprise when the Google Glass website displayed a thank you note to Glass users for exploring the tech. Though the note thanked the users and bid them goodbye, it also mentioned that Google Glass journey hasn't ended yet and we can expect a crackerjack reboot from Google in the future. We're glad that Google kept its promise.

The detachable nature of the modular device gives it a huge advantage as a product for enterprise use as it can be easily shared and deployed in different industries across the globe. In a medium post, Google highlighted a few use cases of the Glass in the medical field, agricultural machinery manufacturing industry, and logistics with DHL. For instance, DHL makes use of the Glass with a solution called Ubimax to "receive real-time instructions about where items have to be placed on the carts with the help of visual aids."

The Glass Enterprise Edition is said to be a full-on production product with its enterprise partners, having graduate from the experimental stage.

While tech experts were wondering why Google was neglecting such a stellar opportunity by backing away from Google Glass, with GEE the tech giant has once again proved that you can never count Google out of the competition.

The price of the product hasn't been revealed yet.

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