Big names in the technological world like Google, Amazon, Facebook have all come together for a common cause. An online protest that aims to counter Republican's plan of rolling back net neutrality rules has got the support of over 70,000 supporters.

The sites and organisations that have joined their hands in this mission includes Twitter,, Google and Facebook. Today, these commercial site big weights will be joining the forces with several of the online activists and businesses and tell users about the change in plans at the White House and ask the visitors to start contacting Congress and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), where Republican Chairman Ajit Pai, who was appointed by President Trump himself, and is fighting to get the rule axed once for all.

The protests are a result of Democratic lawmakers making loud noises pertaining to the issue. With Republicans going all out to dump net neutrality out of the window, Democratic senators have also decided to fight the issue with all their might. They have asked FCC to get ready for a massive surge of comments starting today

Websites that have decided to take part in the protest will be displaying prominent messages on their home pages and then encourage its visitors to take action.

With the July 17 remarks deadline coming closer, FCC has already received an overwhelming support of over 5.6 million comments.

A similar online protest five years ago helped in playing a major role in persuading Congress in to abandoning legislation backed by movie studios to combat online piracy.

American lawmakers are in a race to pace through the net neutrality proceedings as Pai is heading towards a vote possibly later this year at the FCC. Pai's opinion on the net neutrality rule has been known since the rule came into affect in 2015. In 2014, when FCC was still preparing the rule, Trump called the regulation "Obama's attack on the internet."

Let's see if the protest churns out any results.

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