Elon Musk is an entrepreneur with a difference. The man isn't just trying to win the rat race but has been actually trying to redefine transportation both on earth as well as in space since a long time now. Musk's Tesla and Space X are his contributions in that very direction. And now, Musk has bought the domain name X.com from his former company, PayPal. Though it still hasn't been specified what he aims to do with it, but since its Musk, it ought to be something big.

To provide some background, long before Tesla and Space X came into picture, Musk was working on his second startup, an online financial services company called X.com. In 2000, X.com ended up merging with Peter Thiel and Max Levchin co-founded Confinity, which was at that time operating with a money transfer service called PayPal. During the merger negotiations, it was decided that the merged entity will be named after Musk's X.com as it had more market recall and recognition when compared to Confinity. However, towards the end, the company ended up being named PayPal, as Musk decided to step down from the company over some disagreements with some top executive members. When PayPal got sold to Ebay for $1.5 billion in the year 2002, Musk earned a fat paycheck of anywhere $160 to $180 million and launched successful business like Space X and Tesla, which are currently valued at around $15 billion and $50 billion, respectively.

The news about Musk buying X.com was first published by Domain Investing and later confirmed by Musk in a tweet. While the amount Musk paid for the domain isn't available, but since a similar domain Z.com sold for around $6.8 million three years ago, we can be sure that it wasn't a cheap purchase.

According to Domain Investing, though X.com is still inactive, but the Whois had switched from PayPal to "private," and the domain has been moved from MarkMonitor to GoDaddy. Commenting on the sale, PayPal sent out a statement to engadget, which said, "we are delighted to sell the domain X.com back to its previous owner, Elon Musk."

Now that the purchase has been made and no further details revealed, all we can do is wait and watch what Musk has planned for X.com.

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