Why Do I Need a Mobile App If I already have a website?

I am not a big brand. I don’t need a mobile app.

Why should I spend money and time in developing a mobile app? ….

If you have any of these thoughts, you need to think again.

Not having a mobile app for your business means that you are missing out an opportunity to capitalize on the growing number of smartphone users. In fact, you are lacking a modern business necessity.

Mobile app is a great way to reach your potential customers and enhance the experience of your existing customer base. In this way, it can lead your business to profit and help you stay on the top in the competition.

Here are some facts to prove that

This is why it is the "Right Time" to invest in a mobile app!

Let’s see how mobile app contributes to the success of your business

It is Easy for Customer to Reach You:

Mobile apps let your target audience access your services or information within few swipes from anywhere, anytime. For example, a hotel booking mobile app lets the user to book the rooms in one go. And this feature makes difference as today’s customer want to avoid multiple pages or steps to access the service or information.

Obviously, a customer will prefer the services being delivered to him in less or no waiting time.

It Raises Your Brand Awareness:

A mobile app has your logo and name on it. Once your app is downloaded, your brand is right there in front of your target audience. And they are not required to search for you. It is somewhat like distributing fridge magnets, calendars, and other promotional items used in a traditional marketing.

With a mobile app, you’ll demonstrate to your target audience why they should use your services by showing what your business stands for. In short, mobile app is an extension of your brand and is the great way to showcase your offerings. A mobile app being the face of your business is always with the customers through their smartphones. And it becomes an obvious option when in need.

The more often you can get your target audience interacted with your mobile app, the sooner they will be likely to buy your services. Make sure your mobile app is user friendly and has all the features you think customer will love to have.

It is Quick Way to Promote Your Business:

With an ever increasing number of people using mobile app for buying, trading, exploring and transactions, mobile app is an effective platform to promote your products, services and offers. A user is aware of your deals or new offers whenever your notification pops up on the mobile app. Through push notification you can get even closer interaction and remind your customers about your products and services or any special event or announcements.

It is Cost Effective:

Gone are the days when only big businesses could afford the mobile app. Now every size of businesses can get them developed within their budget.

In fact, you can build a mobile app for your business yourself with the help of DIY software development tools. For example, you can use Buildfire to create a professional looking app on nominal charges while GoodBarber is a great choice for those having technical skills.

It Improves Customer Engagement:

When you engage the customers, you get them closer to your business which leads to many benefits like increased sales, profitability and customer loyalty. A mobile app helps you increase customer engagement, if done in a right way. Today, businesses apart from focusing on social media engagements on business page, they are equipping their mobile app with entertainment, information, blog, videos and location specific features to encourage customer involvement.

It is a Smart Way to Provide Customer Support:

Mobile apps are quick and real time medium for customer support, thereby helping you in customer retention. They are likely to use your services or product if they are getting support by making few clicks or taps at their convenience. For example, they can drop their issues, queries and suggestions in your feedback box or chat widget of your mobile app. It helps you provide them a timely support.

It Helps You Create Strategies with Available Data:

How many downloads your mobile app receive? Is it useful for people? How is their feedback? These things help you analyze your key areas of improvement in your mobile app. On the other hand, you can have an analytics feature in your mobile app to track the behavior of users. These features help you gather the statistics about the content, demographics, new or returning customers, bounce rate and total number of visitors in a day. With the help of these analytics, you can create new strategies. Once you understand your target audience’s behavior, it is easy for you to optimize your mobile app to improve results. And needless to say it will also help you in reinforcing your mobile presence.

Bottom Line:

So these are the key benefits of having a mobile app for your businesses. A well optimized and interactive mobile app helps you get a competitive edge and improved sales graph. However, creating a mobile app is just the beginning as you need to encourage your customers to download and use your mobile app. Therefore, keep your customers and their needs in mind while creating the app. In this scenario, a systematic research can help you understand the apps liked by the customers and their expectation from the app.

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