International Yoga Day is observed all over the world on 21 June to strengthen the ideals of peace among people and nations. No matter what your working hours are, or how stressful your job is or isn't, you really should take time out for maintaining your work-life balance. As entrepreneurs, you tend to have very hectic schedules which involve skipping meals, eating at the wrong time, dealing with stress a lot of times and long durations of travel. Yoga helps you to keep calm through situations like these and helps keep the body and mind running at their peak levels always.

"I have been practising yoga regularly for 6 years now. It mostly started around the time when startup life had started getting very stressful. I feel International Yoga Day was the step in the right direction towards popularizing this form of exercise to stay healthy. What I like about Yoga is not just how it positively affects the physical self but also gives me great peace of mind. My usual practise is in the morning and I practice it regularly, from asanas to control my weight to breathing exercises. I also practice Surya Namaskar which has been very effective for me.  Initially, it was tough to wake up in the mornings but after a few weeks, waking up in the morning at 6 am or before has become a habit without the alarm no, "says Vineet Rajan, co-founder, ScoutMyTrip. 

We at IndianWeb2 have penned down five apps which will make it easier for you to learn and practice yoga at your convenience to maintain your work life balanced.T hese apps are designed to make it easier to understand what the different asanas are for, and how to go about doing yoga which brings inner peace.

NexGTv’s Yoga app

If you have ever thought of learning yoga from the experts and doing it like a pro, then look no further! nexGTv, India’s largest subscription-led app, has announced the launch of the nexGTv Yoga app. The app will allow nexGTv users around the world to learn yoga techniques and practices on-the-go through videos by expert practitioners such as Baba Ramdev and Mukul Dev, as well as celeb coaches such as Shilpa Shetty and Bipasha Basu.

Daily Yoga App

Daily Yoga offers a big library of more than 50 yoga classes and 400 plus workouts. The app includes HD videos having soulful background music for an even better user experience. Daily Yoga comes with seven yoga plans geared towards beginners, and various other exercises duration and intensity based exercises too. The app also provides an advanced module.

Universal Breathing: Pranayama

Yoga focuses quite a lot on breathing patterns. And the Universal Breathing app is intended to help users master the same. It offers various exercises designed around the ‘Pranayama’ method of breath control. The app includes structured courses with short exercises that come with a timer and an animated guide. Users can also track their progress and learn more about Pranayama.

5-minute Yoga

The Yoga tools from Sadhguru app for Android and iOS will make sure you no longer give the excuse of not having enough time to dedicate practising Yoga. Designed by Sadhguru, this app is based on the science of Upa-Yoga which is focused on physical and psychological benefits derived from the discipline. All you got to do is take out only 5 minutes every day to practice from a set of seven 5 minute Upa-Yoga practices. The app also offers guidelines and explanatory videos to help you do the asanas right.

Yoga at Work

For those stuck with a sedentary work profile, the free for Android Office Yoga app by Guru Inc. offers simple, 10-minute yoga workout lessons which can be done midday or in between breaks. There is a cute little monkey who demonstrates the easy-to-do stretches and poses which will help you keep fit even at work without disturbing your colleagues. You will need to first install the free Yoga Guru app to access this plugin.

So, download these apps right away and maintain your work life balance with these Yoga apps on this #InternationalYogaDay.

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