"The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work."- Robert Kiyosaki

The notion of community building has been at the heart of the internet since it started. When it comes to business, it is imperative to build a strong community of brand advocates. Strong communities can help build customer loyalty which can then turn into strong economic returns. Up and coming Delhi-based TechDelhi is aiming to do the same for the Tech eco-system in India. It is vibrantly engaged technical community building initiative that will act as a way to educate, learn, grow and network within Delhi/NCR Startup Technology community.

Launching next month on 7th July, 2017, TechDelhi has decided to focus on Delhi/NCR tech space for now and then eventually work their way through the entire country. In order to mark its official launch, TechDelhi has a big
Meetup planned for 7th July in Delhi. Within just 3 weeks of being into operation, their meet-up group has become a family of 103 members, all of which came organically.

TechDelhi plans to expand its wings by getting onboard more speakers and inviting more tech disruptors and internationally recognized tech giants for sharing their part of stories with the tech community they build. They're planning to organise more such meetups every month from July onwards. In addition to this, they also plan on branching some meetups under their name, for example, HealthTechDelhi, FinTechDelhi among many others to cater the need of crowd and people looking for specific tech meetups.

The idea for TechDelhi came to Anuj Sharma, when he was working for a Canadian brain-tech startup from HAX, Shenzhen, China and realised the potential in the growing Tech eco-system in India. He then shared this realization with the other two co-founder’s Sakshi Gujral and Swati Misra, which led to the birth of TechDelhi.

If you wish to be a part of TechDelhi launch event, you can visit here -- https://www.meetup.com/TechDelhi/

About the Founders

techdelhi founders

Anuj Sharma- Recently operated from HAX(World’s largest hardware accelerator), Shenzhen, China as Electronics lead for a Canadian brain-tech startup. During his MSc- Electrical and Computer Engineering, he was a student leader for entire 2 years Co-Founding Indian Student Association and becoming it’s Co-Founder Secretary and later elected as the president.

Sakshi Gujral- Sakshi is Computer Science Engineer and Graduated from GGSIPU and currently defending Masters from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women(IGDTUW). She contributed her education and time for Women Empowerment teaching under privileged girls, demonstrating her commitment to the community.

Swati Misra- Swati Misra comes with an experience of 5+ years with interest in Finance operation and business. Leader by ability, she graduated with Master’s in Business, doing her under graduation in Business Administration.

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