In order to give youngsters in Mangaluru bubbling up with talent and entrepreneurship enthusiasm a platform to hone their skills, the Port city of India's first startup district will be opening the door to its first startup incubation centre at Mallikatta in the next four months.

The 6000 sqft incubation centre will have 60 seats in total and will be set up within the next four months with an initial funds of Rs 1.18 crore. Union minister for commerce and industry, Nirmala Sitharaman, stopped by the space marked for the centre in MCC Building near Mallikatta on Friday to take stock of the building process.

The incubation centre will provide startup/entrepreneurship enthusiasts with the necessary basic infrastructure that will help them in taking their dream off from the ground. They can come to the centre and easily get basic infrastructure things like internet connection and various other necessary plug and play facilities at a very nominal rate.

It has been observed that each startup has a different demand for a working space. While some require it for a few hours for a meeting or some serious brainstorming, others might require it for a a month or two for a crucial project. Hence, depending on the demand of the startups, there should be place where they can easily come sit, ideate and work in peace. The Mallikatta incubation centre will give young entrepreneurs such a space where they would have the freedom of choosing the amount of time they want to spend and pay for the time spent only.

According to Union Minister, the incubation centre can become an ideal place for entrepreneurs in Mangaluru to sit and talk business with partners and clients. She also shared that NASSCOM also has agreed to give one representative, who will be there to facilitate at the Mallikatta incubation centre.

Talking about the reason for setting up the Mallikatta incubation centre, the minister explained that they realised that the startups in Mangaluru who didn't have easy access to the kind of ecosystem required to nurture a startup would often go away to other Indian cities where the ecosystem was easily available. "We want to retain them here because lot of talent is here and lot of qualified people here. They shouldn't be going elsewhere and they should be given necessary facilities here," said Nirmala in a statement to TOI.

She also added that industries in Mangaluru should take advantage of this golden opportunity and partner with the centre once it is completed to look for solutions. Instead of going outside Mangaluru, the industries can now find their solutions in the city itself, thus saving themselves huge costs.

The Union Minister also assured that there are no dearth of funds for the initiative and that she has already released the first instalment from MPLAD funds for interior works, electrification and procurement of required equipment for the incubation centre.

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