Climate Change is not a future scare anymore, it is happening right now, right in front of our eyes. And if you're in India, better Delhi, you might be well aware of the escalating pollution that people are breathing in every second. Seeing the grave situation, Bosch, the German-based multinational engineering and electronics company, has developed a Micro Climate Monitoring System (MCMS).

Made by Bosch's Indian arm in partnership with Intel in the US, the compact and efficient IoT-enabled device, offers its users sensor-based monitoring of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and NOx content in the air.

Bosch India chose to co-develop the product with Intel as it wanted to leverage the tech giant’s strengths in the areas of computing, data and connectivity for its MCMS. The partnership began two years ago, with the US-based tech giant giving its green signal a bit earlier, by integrating its Intel Internet of Things (IoT) platform and creating the cloud, analytics and security pillars for MCMS.

The IoT-enabled device is based on a state-of-the-art technology, which makes use of chemical sensors. According to a statement given by RK Shenoy, senior-vice-president, Powertrain Electronics & Hardware Product Engineering, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions (RBEI) to Autocar Professional, these chemical sensors have helped in bringing down the size of the monitoring system to 1/100th the size of a conventional one currently available in the market. He also added that Bosch's basic idea behind MCMS was to develop a handy product that people can use to monitor the quality of air around them and then take corrective measures to improve the situation.

Thanks to its smaller footprint, there has been a significant cost drop in the manufacturing of the device. The fully connected device, which comes integrated over 3G and wi-fi channels, makes use of high-end data encryption techniques from Intel and the data beamed can be analysed over the cloud, for making real-time decisions.

Hoping to leverage on the Modi government's Make in India initiative, Bosch is pushing for the manufacturing of the MCMS in India and is pitching it to be used for variety of applications, including implementation in the mining space, Smart Cities of the future. The German-based company is also hopeful about the device's usage in the real estate sector as it can help provide critical data about the air quality around a particular site. The first such implementation is set go live next month in India.

With MCMS, both Bosch and Intel aim to enable people with environmental information to a level that the next time they venture out of their homes, they can themselves figure out the least polluted route for their commute. They are working towards achieving this by integrating the objective data into a lot more cloud-based applications.

For India, RBEI in India has earmarked an investment of a whopping Rs 900 crore in FY2018, 15 percent of which will be infused towards its R&D operations in the country.

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