Building a startup is a long term affair and with thousands of startups taking off each year, it is essential to adopt the right tools to stay in the right direction. With the need to be frugal in their operations, it isn’t feasible for the startups to invest a fortune in the labour pool or on the technology or marketing front. Therefore, to kick start a small business, one would need access to the ideal set of tools tailored just to suit their needs.

Here is the list of the 3 platforms to push a startup ahead of the crowd.

CogniCor: Personalized Cognitive Customer Assistant / Chatbots

CogniCor Technologies is an AI based company delivering solutions that ease how people interact with technology. Whether it is negotiating a new bank loan, renewing your auto insurance or simply buying a travel ticket, the ability to have expert assistance is of great help. This is what CogniCor does, by enabling companies to respond to their customers’ questions instantly. A personalized cognitive customer assistant that can understand their needs and respond with information relevant to the customer, would translate into huge savings in operating expenses and efficiency for the business.

Staqu: Artificial Intelligence

For any problem that involves analyzing images and extracting valuable information from it, Staqu can provide a solution. Currently, they are caramelizing their research papers with thir team to churn their products for all their partners. Some of them include face recognition, gesture recognition, and emotion recognition, pose estimation, intruder detection, etc.

Indi: Engagement Commerce Platform

Indi is a global engagement commerce platform providing brands with unique opportunities to make real connections. Making interactive videos a game changer for fans, brands and business communication, Indi empowers both, individuals and brands, to create and monetize content and social media influence. With a view to revolutionize the present day digital media ecosystem, Indi is the platform of choice for brands seeking innovative ways for securing meaningful and interactive social media engagement. With Indi Interact, brands can create a safe and stunning media hub for boosting interactions and engagements with fans and customers, alike.

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